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Box of Slovakian snacks, including chocolate bars, crisps and can drink
Box of Slovakian snacks, including chocolate bars, crisps and can drink

I know what you’re thinking – did we not already see the final Snack Surprise review? It wasn’t until I posted the Denmark box that I realised there was still one box I was waiting on… After all, there were 20 countries on the leader board, and I was subscribed in quarterly instalments. After emailing the customer service team, I was told my box would arrive during the first week of October (and had I still subscribed, I would have then received another box the week after, so there’s clearly a bit of a delay) – and here is number 21.

The final box I’ll be reviewing comes from Slovakia – how random. What snacks did I get and how did I rate them? Read on to find out…


  • Tatranky: crispy wafers filled with peanut butter cream and drizzled with chocolate.

You can’t really go wrong with wafers, although I couldn’t tell they were peanut butter flavoured. They were still delicious though!

  • Seditky Pernik Jahoda: a traditional Slovak delight – a chocolate-covered gingerbread, loaded with fruity strawberry jam filling.

I didn’t think I would like this, but I’d describe it as weird but good. The gingerbread had a really nice texture and I understood the chocolate coating, but perhaps not the jam filling so much. Luckily it wasn’t too sweet or overwhelming.

  • Kavenky: wafers sandwiched with a rich coffee filling.

The perfect snack to have with a morning coffee. The filling was creamy and not too strong.

  • Alaska: gluten-free snack. Alaska contains two corn wafer tubes filled with sweet milk cream.

I was hoping these would taste like Milky Way Crispy Rolls, but alas, they were dry and soft and in texture, and bland in flavour. Not the best snack.


  • Beer Crunch: the perfect snack to enjoy over a refreshing drink – barbecue-flavoured nuts.

So, these were more like corn than actual nuts (there was me thinking they’d be like Nobby’s) and for someone that loves those Graze pouches and Love Corn’s crunchy snack, I had high hopes. These were horrible – artificial in flavour and just not pleasant at all. I tried a couple of bits and then binned the rest!

  • Slovchips Bacon Flavour: bacon-flavoured crisps, made the old-fashioned way, using fresh potatoes to retain their bold flavour.

Smoky bacon crisps, which had a nice flavour. I actually shared these with Alfie, and he thought they were Walkers smoky bacon… so you can’t tell the difference!


  • Figaro Rumba: the Figaro Rumba bar is a treat made of dark chocolate and a milk filling flavoured with rum.

Much like other products I’ve received before, this was a nice rich chocolate bar, with a very boozy centre. The filling was creamy, almost like a chocolate fondant.

  • Deva Chocolate Orange Bar: delicious orange peel jelly encased in decadent dark chocolate.

As everyone knows, I hate chocolate orange, but I love Jaffa Cakes. So imagine my delight when this was basically a Jaffa Cake without the cake – a really gorgeous orange jelly, with a not-too-bitter dark chocolate shell. So good.

  • Karamelove Mliecne Lizanky: this toffee milk lollipop will transport you back in time to the simpler time of childhood with its sweet, creamy flavour.

Well, it didn’t, but it did taste exactly like Scottish tablet. A very sweet lollipop.

  • Figaro Yami Jelly Bar: a chocolate bar with a sweet and delicious filling.

Again, this probably shouldn’t have worked – as fruit and chocolate don’t always mix. I would say this was like a berry version of the orange bar. I couldn’t tell you what berry or fruit it contained. It was weird but it grew on me.


  • Vinea Original White Grape Drink: light and bubbly non-alcoholic drink made from white grapes.

This was basically like Schloer – not much else to say. I loved it.

And now to the ratings. As boxes go, I don’t think this one scored too badly. There were six products I loved, which is over half of the box. The Slovakia Snack Surprise box received a rating of 27/33, so here is the final – actual final – leader board.

  1. Netherlands – 94%
  2. Spain (2020) – 94%
  3. Spain (2022) – 94%
  4. Italy – 92%
  5. France – 90%
  6. Portugal – 89%
  7. Australia – 87%
  8. New Zealand – 87%
  9. Hungary – 84%
  10. Denmark – 82%
  11. Greece – 82%
  12. Slovakia – 82%
  13. Sweden – 82%
  14. Turkey – 81%
  15. USA – 79%
  16. Germany – 75%
  17. Austria – 73%
  18. Romania – 73%
  19. Czech Republic – 70%
  20. Bulgaria (2021) – 69%
  21. Bulgaria (2022) – 67%

Love, Lucy xx

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