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Lots of Swedish snacks in a box
An assortment of snacks coming from Sweden, including biscuits, crisps, chocolate

I'm forever behind with these posts. The January Box arrived before we went away, so I have a mountain of snacks to get through – and tonight's post is November's Box, which came from Sweden. As always, I'm reviewing the Snack Surprise Original box, which is the medium-sized option. Read on to hear my thoughts…


  • Pärlboll Chocolate ball, adorned in pearl sugar and cocoa; a Swedish classic. It was quite rich and sickly, almost like a chocolate truffle cake. It was fine in small doses, but I couldn't eat much more.
  • Kexchoklad Cloetta started making these chocolate wafers in 1921 and they’ve been a Swedish hit ever since. Yes, it’s another wafer – not too dissimilar to a Time Out. There seems to be something fairly similar in every box. This was like a flat version of the teatime classic.


  • Olw Dill & GrässlökPotato crisps flavoured with dill and chives for that summery Swedish flavour. I would score this zero if I could. Dill is such an overpowering and acquired flavour. I literally ate one and threw the rest of the bag away.
  • Estrella Grill – Crinkled potato crisps with the taste of onion. These tasted more like cheese and onion to me, with a robust flavour. The crinkle-cut and crunch reminded me a bit of Ruffles or as we have over here, Frisps.
  • Wasa SandwichA wholegrain rye crispbread sandwich, with the creamy filling of cheese and chives. Basically, a Ryvita sandwich with a really cheesy filling – almost like what you’d find in a Tuc sandwich. The perfect lunchtime snack.


  • Malaco ZooChewy fruit flavoured gummy sweets, shaped to look like sitting monkeys. These reminded me of Swedish Fish, in texture and flavour. They had that unique, yet distinctive flavour, which is a cross between bubble-gum and red berries… so nice!
  • Pigall Light whipped hazelnut truffle with a blanket of rich milk chocolate. The middle reminded me a bit of the Kinder Bueno filling, just in a solid form. It was really nice.
  • Bubs SkalleSour cola flavoured jelly skulls. Smaller than the Bubs I’ve bought in the UK and also very sour. On the scale, I would say tangier than Tangfastics, but not quite on the level of Toxic Waste. Still nice, but just not what I was expecting.
  • Dubbel NougatLight, exquisite almond nougat, and dark, creamy hazelnut nougat combined. This reminded me so much of Spanish turron. Such a rich, nutty flavour, but super indulgent. I loved it!
  • Dumle OriginalIrresistible combination of soft, chewy toffee and milk chocolate; it’s popular across Scandinavia. With a chocolate coated caramel, it was basically like a Cadbury Éclair in reverse – what’s not to love?


  • Nygärda Soda A summer classic that tastes like eating sun-warmed raspberries straight from the bush. Such a refreshing drink, which was lightly carbonated. It tasted more like lingonberry than raspberry but was so fruity.

As always, the products were rated out of three. With over half (six) of these snacks receiving full marks, the Sweden Snack Surprise box got a total score of 27/33. But where does it rank on my leader board?

  1. Spain – 94%
  2. Italy – 92%
  3. Portugal – 89%
  4. Australia – 87%
  5. New Zealand – 87%
  6. Greece – 82%
  7. Sweden – 82%
  8. Turkey – 81%
  9. USA – 79%
  10. Germany – 75%
  11. Austria – 73%
  12. Bulgaria – 69%

A fairly big scorer this month, but I don’t think the Spain box will ever be topped. Spoiler alert – the next box comes from Hungary. Having been to Budapest, I remember seeing lots of weird and wonderful snacks – including some gummy sweets shaped like sheep on my pillow at the hotel I was staying in. You don’t want to miss this one!

If you wish to subscribe to Snack Surprise or even fancy gifting a box, you can check out the website.

Love, Lucy xx

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