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The content of a Spain Snack Surprise box, containing sweet and savoury snacks
The content of a Spain Snack Surprise box, containing sweet and savoury snacks

How behind am I with these posts? Let me tell you – three months. I have received two boxes since this one arrived at my door, and while I was excited – it was previously a very high scorer – I was a little disappointed that Snack Surprise have started to repeat countries. This original box came courtesy of Spain. Two questions: will it be better than my last Spanish box? And how many new treats would I get to try? Read on to find out…


  • Palmeritas“One of Spain's favourite morning snacks. Crispy puff pastries.”

I received this product last time, but I love it. Perfect alongside my morning coffee and certainly reminiscent of breakfasts in Spain.

  • Pantera Rosa“The Pink Panther is a soft cake filled with cream and covered in pink sponge.”

Another snack I've had before and it's a novelty one. Nice enough, but quite sweet and sickly. The sponge was light and soft.


  • El Valle Huevo Frito “These potato chips are unique with the flavour of fried egg.”

Yes, they’re as strange as they sound. What should have been nice hand cut crisps, had a very strange flavour. I couldn’t get over that initial eggy taste and it was egg alright! After the initial shock, the crisps then tasted salty, more familiarly of salt and pepper.

  • Boca Bits “Spain's most famous wheat-based snack. Delicious crunchy chips with a savoury meat flavour.”

Again, another repeated product. I do love these though. Boca Bits are unlike anything we get over here and are best described as a cross between Quavers and pork scratchings – with a salty, savoury taste.

  • Ketchup ConChitas “Shell shaped potato chips with the addictive taste of ketchup.”

Another, novelty snack, and this one’s definitely aimed at kids. These crisps were quite sweet with their artificial tomato ketchup flavour. The taste reminded me of Tangy Toms… who remembers those?


  • Huesitos Original “Cocoa and hazelnut filling sandwiched between crunchy wafers, coated in milk chocolate.”

Because it's not a Snack Surprise box if there's not a product similar to a UK Time Out bar. There's only so many times I could describe and rate them, without feeling so repetitive – but it was nice, and the feeling was so smooth.

  • Fini Sparks“Tiny sweets with an addictive sour flavour.”

I had these the last time, too. Like sour Nerds or Dweebs. Not quite Toxic Waste level but they’ve got a tang. You can't go wrong.

  • Pikotas Original“Sour cherry flavour jelly sweets covered in a crunchy layer of sugar.”

I don’t think I’ve ever identified these sweets as cherry flavour, but I love their gummy centre. I also received them in the last Spain box, but they always remind me of holidays in Spain and Spanish supermarkets.

  • Fini Cinema Mix“A bag of fruity gummy sweets.”

A Spanish brand of sweets, which like Vidal is very popular. This was a random mix of fried eggs, strawberries, strawberry kisses, bones, and fingers – still delicious.

  • Lacasitos Chocolatina“Chocolate bar filled with colourful chocolate sweets.”

The creamy filling of the bar tasted very much like Kinder Bueno, and the bar was delicious – but the star of the show should have been the Lacasitos, and there weren’t enough in the bar.


  • Kas Naranja “Spain’s own orange fizzy drink.”

Very similar to Fanta, but not as fizzy and with a stronger orange flavour. Kas reminds me of childhood holidays as all bars and restaurants in Spain would sell this over Fanta. When we’d go out for meals, we’d drink it, and most likely, buy it from the supermarket too.

To the ratings now – and despite there being six new products in this box, compared to the last offering, this is Snack Surprise box scored exactly the same. The overall score was 31/33, which equates to 94%. So, here's the leader board.

  1. Netherlands – 94%
  2. Spain (2020) – 94%
  3. Spain (2022) – 94%
  4. Italy – 92%
  5. Portugal – 89%
  6. Australia – 87%
  7. New Zealand – 87%
  8. Hungary – 84%
  9. Greece – 82%
  10. Sweden – 82%
  11. Turkey – 81%
  12. USA – 79%
  13. Germany – 75%
  14. Austria – 73%
  15. Romania – 73%
  16. Czech Republic – 70%
  17. Bulgaria – 69%

Sadly, the next box was a repeated country – and not one I enjoyed first time around – so I have cancelled my subscription. As I pay in three-month stints, I believe there are two more boxes to come, so expect a few more posts to wrap things up. Who will end up on top?

Love, Lucy xx

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