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Snack Surprise Bulgaria contentsSnack Surprise Bulgaria contents

Last month, I reviewed Snack Surprise and my first box. The country/theme was Spain and I definitely couldn’t have been more surprised – or happy! January’s box was also from Europe, but there’s no way I could have ever guessed where it came from… it was Bulgaria! 

In the original box, there were 12 products and boy, was I grateful for the informational booklet. Never mind not being able to understand the names of the snacks, in most cases, the ingredients and product information wasn’t written in English. So, what exactly was in this box?


  • Balkan cake bar – one thing you’ll notice about this box, the Bulgarians love a cake bar. This was a sponge cake, covered in milk chocolate with a chocolate cream filling. The chocolate exterior was definitely cheap chocolate, but it also had a weird aftertaste, like – dare I say it – rum. 
  • Medovinka cake – this cake was round and was described as a honey cake coated in milk chocolate. To me, it had a more distinct gingerbread taste, almost like a super soft lebkuchen. Apparently, it’s a popular treat in Bulgaria, and I can totally see why! 
  • Nestle Mura – you know when you recognise something but can’t put your finger on it… that’s how I feel about this snack bar. Layers of crispy chocolate wafer sandwiched between a milk cream filling. Not quite a Time Out, but still delicious. 
  • Borovets wafer – now I wish I had read the booklet before opening and eating this one. Two words – chocolate orange. I actually had to dispose of my mouthful and give the rest to Ash. I never did ask if he liked it. Funny story: Alfie enjoys looking at the booklets, and he would continuously point to this product and say: “Do you like this one, mummy?” and when I’d reply “no”, he would then say “You don’t like chocolate orange”. 
  • Milkiss – yup, it’s another sponge cake snack. And another that combines chocolate and milk. This was three layers of chocolate sponge cake, sandwiched between a milky cream filling. OK, but quite sweet – even for me!


  • Kubeti Pizza – smaller than I expected, but these croutons were so moreish. Really crunchy and they tasted exactly like pizza. I ate them as a snack, but on reflection, they would have been great on top of some tomato or minestrone soup, or thrown on top of a salad, to add some crunch. 
  • Zayo Bayo – when I saw that these were sour cream and dill flavoured, I was hoping it was a case of lost in translation, and in fact, they were the more well-known combo of sour cream and chive. How wrong I was. Dill is quite an overwhelming and acquired taste. If that wasn’t bad enough, they were a softer version of Wotsits, and reminded me of that polystyrene filler you sometimes get in parcels. 
  • Beer Nuts – Now we’re talking. If you like Nobby’s nuts (or anyone else’s crispy coated nuts for that matter!), you’ll love these. The crisps coating was a barbecue flavour, not my go-to (I’m a chilli girl) but they were so tasty and I’m not ashamed to say I ate the packet in two sittings – but it could so easily have been just the one.


  • Temenuzhki drops – I knew I wouldn’t like these when I read “unique taste and floral shape of violet”. Yep, they’re the hard-boiled version of Parma Violets. They look cute, but for me, don’t taste great. 
  • Chaika dessert – looks can be deceiving. It looked like a cartoon dog poo, as I took it out of the wrapper. This small bar is a very rich, hard fondant icing, covered in milk chocolate. Unusual and very sweet, but not too bad! 
  • Svoge Republika – like a Mars bar, without the caramel, but with a chocolate flavour nougat. This bar was dreamy, and not as sweet as similar confectionary.


  • Derby Etar – I had to do a little Google search, because this intrigued me so much. I mean, I didn’t like it – despite the flavours of caramel and honey, this tasted more like a shandy. I would probably consider this Bulgaria’s answer to Irn Bru – unusual and unique, but nowhere near as tasty, that’s for sure.

So now it comes to rating this box. I scored four products 1/3 (it’s not for me), three products 2/3 (it’s okay), and five products 3/3 – giving the Bulgarian edition of Snack Surprise a total of 25/36.

I’m going to keep a leader board, based on percentages and link the posts below so you can read my previous reviews.

  1. Spain – 94% 
  2. Bulgaria – 69%

My next box has arrived and all I’ll say at this early stage is, we’re staying in Europe! I think it could well be another high scorer too, so watch this space.

Love, Lucy xx

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