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Greece themed Snack Surprise box

It seems hard to believe that my last Snack Surprise review was around this time last month, and since then I've had a further three boxes delivered – the latest I’m yet to open as I still have so many snacks to get through… and, well… Christmas! As I mentioned in my previous post, this one was courtesy of Greece. Would it fare better than the Turkey box? Let's find out. As always, I'm reviewing the Original Box.


  • 7 Days Cake Bar: Soft, light cake with a sweet cocoa filling and topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate. This was genuinely like eating air. It was so light. Does that mean the calories didn’t count?
  • Miranda Biscuits: Traditional Greek biscuits. These reminded me of the Flora or Maria biscuits you can find in Spanish supermarkets – fairly plain, but these had a hint of coconut. I’d described these as a less sweet ‘Nice’ biscuit.
  • ION Chocofreta: Layers of crunchy wafer and rich cocoa cream filling covered in rich ION chocolate. Think of this as a really chunky Time Out. So many layers of wafer could have made it quite dry, but actually it was delicious.


  • Mini Pick Crackers: Tasty, crispy BBQ flavour crackers. To me, the flavour was more paprika than BBQ, but they were very moreish. Great for snacking on – and an alternative to crisps.
  • Jumbo Chips Oregano: Thin-cut crunchy potato snack, covered in oregano seasoning. I found the flavour quite bland, but crisps are crisps… so you can't go too wrong.
  • 7 Days Pizzeti: Crunchy double-baked bread chips dusted with Emmental cheese, tomato, and olive. These were okay, but quite dry as they were like giant, round, flat croutons. I couldn't taste the olive – luckily. But they looked like mini pizzas.


  • Macedonian Halva: Healthy, traditional Greek snack made of tahini. I want to like it but didn't. It reminded me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. The texture was too chalky/crumbly, and while it was very sweet and sticky to begin with, there was a strange aftertaste. Having seen that the main ingredient was tahini, perhaps I was expecting these to be more like Sesame Snaps.
  • Piccolo Ouzo: Hard sweets with the taste of ouzo. If I could score this product zero, I absolutely would. I put one in my mouth and had to almost immediately spit it out again. It was like I'd done a shot of sambuca – yuck! The rest of the sweets also went straight in the bin.
  • Derby Caramel: Coconut filling in the core, layered with crunchy puffed rice with caramel and covered in ION milk chocolate. I liked this more than I thought I would. The coconut was a nice addition, and it wasn't too sweet.
  • Gum On! Burger Jellies: Build your own mini burgers. Okay, so these were not quite as good as the Trolli burgers – who remembers those? I think they were 10p and came in a little plastic burger box. I loved them… These gummies all tasted like peach, which I found a bit strange, but it was still fun to play.


  • Loux Sour Cherry: One of the most popular Greek soft drinks. It was basically cherryade with a stronger flavour. I instantly regretted not making a soda float using this drink, as it would have been incredible.

And now to the ratings. There were only two products I really didn't like – any guesses? So, where did this box rank? And more importantly, was the Greece box better than the previous month’s Turkey snack surprise box? Well, Greece received 27/33. And here's the leader board:

  1. Spain – 94%
  2. Italy – 92%
  3. Portugal – 89%
  4. Australia – 87%
  5. New Zealand – 87%
  6. Greece – 82%
  7. Turkey – 81%
  8. USA – 79%
  9. Germany – 75%
  10. Bulgaria – 69%

If you wish to subscribe to Snack Surprise or even fancy gifting a box, you can check out the website.

Love, Lucy xx

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