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Contents of a Romanian themed snack box
Contents of a Romanian themed snack box
It’s time for another Snack Surprise review! For those new to Love, Lucy xx, I subscribe to the Original box and then eat, rate and review the products. This box came courtesy of Romania, so read on to hear my thoughts…


  • Magura Cake with Cocoa “Mouth-watering magura cake bar with cocoa cream covered in chocolate.”

Nice, soft cake with a light creamy filling. Very enjoyable.

  • Grande Dolceria Gingerbread Classic “A classic favourite. You’ll love these gingerbread flavoured treats.”

I’m usually a fan of the harder or denser style of gingerbread, but I think these were verging on stale. Their best before date was the month before I received the box *hand over eyes*.

  • Licatine Wafers Cocoa & Peanuts – “This crunchy cocoa and peanut wafer is a simple and delicious snack.”

Is it, though? Genuinely the worst thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. The wafer was soft, and the flavours weren’t chocolatey or nutty. I had one bite and had to spit it straight out – not pleasant at all.


  • Cracky Croquettes Extreme Garlic – “A staple snack for every household in Romania.”

Well, these would even keep Dracula away! The flavour was extreme – and far too strong for me. They were like giant croutons and went well alongside a Cuppa Soup.

  • Viva Chips Pizza Style – “One of Romania’s top snack brands. Delicious pizza flavoured potato chips.”

From the image on the pack, these looked more like tortilla chips or cracker crisps, but they were actually more reminiscent of Bugles. I loved them and the flavour. So moreish.


  • K Sugus Jellymania Spyder – “Spider shaped fruity jellies are the perfect jelly sweets. Loved by everyone in Romania.”

Loved by me too! You can’t go wrong with jelly sweets, and that’s all there is to say…

  • Rom Authentic Chocolate Bar – “Wrapped in the national flag, this rum-scented bar is known as Romania’s national chocolate bar.”

Was this box from Romania or rum-mania? The dark chocolate was nice, but the filling was far too strong for me. Maybe I don’t like rum.

  • Fagaras Chocolate Bar – “This delicious and popular chocolate bar is named after a mountain range and has a subtle taste of rum and raisin.”

This bar actually tasted like rum & raisin ice cream, with the added bonus of chocolate. Quite nice actually, especially in comparison to some of the other (and previous) rum-based snacks.

  • Glucose Tablet – “A popular alternative to sweets and chocolate. Romanians love this energising glucose tablet made for potato starch.”

I didn’t love it – in fact, grim is an understatement! It had the weirdest texture and taste. It was almost clay-like, and as I bit into it, it just got stuck in my teeth. I literally had a square and thought it was going to glue my mouth shut. It went straight in the bin.


  • Tedi Go Peach, Carrot & Apple Juice “A nutritious and tasty fruit juice. Get your fill of vitamins A and C in this drink.”

This got both mine, and Alfie’s seal of approval. It was basically a fruit shoot, but was more like a juice, than a water. Of the three flavours, peach was the most dominant – although it had the colour of carrot. It was really nice – fruity and refreshing.

And now to the ratings. A couple of the products were inedible, bringing the score down substantially. I did, however, give four products full marks. So, the Romania Snack Surprise box received a total score of 22/30. Where does it rank on the leader board?

  1. Netherlands – 94%
  2. Spain – 94%
  3. Italy – 92%
  4. Portugal – 89%
  5. Australia – 87%
  6. New Zealand – 87%
  7. Hungary – 84%
  8. Greece – 82%
  9. Sweden – 82%
  10. Turkey – 81%
  11. USA – 79%
  12. Germany – 75%
  13. Austria – 73%
  14. Romania – 73%
  15. Czech Republic – 70%
  16. Bulgaria – 69%

It proved to be a low scorer, just not quite as low as that Bulgarian box.

I've almost finished my most recent box too. No spoiler alerts but let me say – it's a country that has featured before and quite highly too. You won't want to miss that post!

Love, Lucy xx

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