Review | Snack Surprise – Czech Republic

Box filled with snacks from the Czech Republic
Box filled with snacks from the Czech Republic
I’m getting so behind with these posts but since my diet has had to change pretty dramatically, I find myself being virtually unable to eat the contents of these boxes. Don't get me wrong, occasionally I'll have a little taste (or rope one of the boys in to help me!), but I wouldn't be able to eat a whole product – or multiple ones for that matter – in one sitting anymore.

Anyway, here I am reviewing another Snack Surprise original box and this time it's come courtesy of the Czech Republic. It’s another country I've travelled to, but not one I particularly remember for its snacks. But how would it fare once I've rated it and where will it score on the leader board? Read on to find out…


  • Sójové řezy – “These soya rolls are traditional bars in the Czech Republic.”

Absolutely vile. I bit into it and didn't like the texture or the taste – not that it really tasted like anything. It was unlike anything I've ever eaten before and went straight in the bin.

  • Perník – “A traditional cake usually made with honey and flour.”

Nice enough. I found it quite strange for it to have a blueberry filling but be coated in chocolate. The cake texture was great, almost like a gingerbread.


  • Strážnické potato chips garlic – “Crunchy crisps with a delicious garlic flavour.”

The flavour was far too overwhelming for me, but Alfie enjoyed these crisps. It’s a shame he isn’t scoring…


  • Deli – “A chocolate bar with a creamy pistachio filling, and a thin layer of caramel.”

This was a bit like a Milkyway with a caramel layer. The pistachio filling was light and whipped – but the flavour wasn’t strong enough. It was quite sweet.

  • Pedro – “A fruity bubble-gum that has lasted through the generations.”

I’m not really a gum person, but this was actually quite unpleasant. It was very rubbery, with a strange taste – certainly not fruity. Give me Bubbaloo any day!

  • Minonky – “You’ll love this delicious pairing of rich milk chocolate coasted wafers, with a soft hazelnut filling.”

And I did love them! You can’t really go wrong with wafers, and I’ve had plenty of similar products in previous boxes. They’re basically all the same, and often score highly.

  • Ledové Kaštany – “Traditional Czech dark and rich chocolate bar, filled with cocoa-nut. It’s been a favourite since 1966.”

A delicious rich, truffle-like bar, which melted in the mouth.

  • Milena – “A Czech favourite. This milk chocolate bar comes with a kick – cream-filled with a rum essence.”

This bar was okay. I loved the truffle texture of the filling, but the rum flavour was far too strong!

  • JoJo Vexta – “Loved by kids and adults alike. Sweet foam jelly sweets.”

Nothing to dislike about these foamy cube-like sweets. However, I couldn’t decipher all of the flavours – both by taste and by sticking the back of the packet into Google Translate. Some were reminiscent of ‘generic fruit gummies’.

  • Fidorka – “Round wafer coated in milk chocolate, with a soft filling.”

Very nice and light. So many layers of wafer made it quite flaky and messy to eat. I still enjoyed it.


  • Kofola – “A staple non-alcoholic drink in the Czech Republic.”

To me, this tasted like mixing cola and lemonade together… we’ve all been there! It just didn’t taste fizzy, and the flatness made it taste horrible.

I have to say, when I opened this box, I thought I was going to like it more than I actually did. There were quite a few products I really didn’t like and therefore, didn’t finish – four, in fact, only score one point. The Czech Republic Snack Surprise box received a total of 23/33 and here’s where it ranks on the leader board:

  1. Netherlands – 94%
  2. Spain – 94%
  3. Italy – 92%
  4. Portugal – 89%
  5. Australia – 87%
  6. New Zealand – 87%
  7. Hungary – 84%
  8. Greece – 82%
  9. Sweden – 82%
  10. Turkey – 81%
  11. USA – 79%
  12. Germany – 75%
  13. Austria – 73%
  14. Czech Republic – 70%
  15. Bulgaria – 69%

So close to finishing bottom – I never thought any box would be as bad as that Bulgarian one. Quick spoiler alert – the next box comes courtesy of Romania.

If you wish to subscribe to Snack Surprise or even fancy gifting a box, you can check out the website.

Love, Lucy xx

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