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Snack surprise box, featuring Spanish snacksSnack surprise box, featuring Spanish snacksAnyone else like me and see brands they’ve never heard of before advertised on Instagram, and then instantly want to buy something – regardless of whether you need it. I’ve done it three times now – first it was clothes, then it was vinyl rolls to use as photo backdrops for blog photos, and now it’s snacks!

Everyone knows I love a subscription – I’ve tried them all. It started with beauty boxes, then stationery, and all the food & drink going… Snack Surprise is a subscription service inspired by different countries and cultures. Each month is a different country, giving you a taste of the world. There are three levels of subscription:

  1. Mini (£6.99 per month) – 5 or more snacks, excluding drinks 
  2. Original (£12.49 per month) – 10 or more snacks, including drinks 
  3. Premium (£24.99 per month) – 20 or more snacks, including drinks

Shipping is always free, and the boxes come neatly packed, with an information guide to that country. Not only does the booklet explain all the snacks in the box (for all levels of subscription – so if you’re on the Mini, you can just lust at what you could’ve won), but there are facts about the chosen country and even a puzzle on the back page.

But imagine my surprise when my first month’s box was Spain!

I love everything about the country, and it is definitely my favourite holiday destination – but the food and drink is right up there, in terms of why I love it so much. So, I was absolutely buzzing with the box. It brought back lots of memories of family holidays, spending my allowance on sweets and sitting in bars on pretty plazas with a lovely cool drink. While I carry on daydreaming, let me run you through the contents.

Snack surprise box, featuring Spanish snacks


  • Pantera Rosa – translated as Pink Panther, this was a themed cake bar. The centre is spongy, like a madeleine, with hints of lemon, and creamy filling. The cake bar has a pink coating, almost like a ruby chocolate. 
  • Palmeiras – meaning palm, these are the perfect mid-morning snack, although the Spanish also eat them for breakfast (and there’s absolutely no judgement from me if you choose to, too!). Ideal with a strong coffee, palmeiras are made from puff pastry, with a super-sweet sugar glaze. 
  • Filipinos – they might look like doughnuts, but these are actually biscuits. Full of chocolatey goodness, the biscuits themselves are a rich milk chocolate, which in turn are coated in a thick jacket of white chocolate. Filipinos always remind me of Spanish supermarkets. 
  • Tokke – almost like a Time Out bar, with its layers of chocolate and crispy wafer, coated in a creamy milk chocolate. But there’s a bonus layer of puffed rice within the first layer, making this an absolute level-up of the Cadbury’s bar.


  • Boca Bits – made by Lays, these crisps remind me of Spanish bars. A really moreish snack, which kinda looks like a cross between Quavers and pork scratchings. Boca Bits have a really salty, meaty flavour which is delicious. Crunchy and moreish. 
  • Pandilla – another crisp product, this time from Cheetos, with that typical cheesy flavour. These ghostly phantoms have always been a favourite – we would always buy big bags of Cheetos for family barbecues and picnics when we were in Spain.


  • Lacasitos – in seven different colours (including white), these are basically like smarties – chocolate beans with a candy shell. But these have the letters (which spell Lacasitos), numbers and even faces on. 
  • Fini Sparks – I’d never tried these before, and thought they’d be like Millions, but they were more like Wonka Nerds or Dweebs (remember those?!). I also didn’t notice that they were sour, so poured the whole packet into my mouth in one go… and wow, I thought my eyes were going to pop out! I would say that these were about as sour as Toxic Waste (again, showing my age). 
  • Pikotas – I adore these typically Spanish sweets, but I’m still none-the-wiser about the flavour. Pikotas have a really gorgeous gummy centre, and crunchy sugar exterior – unlike anything we have in the UK! 
  • Fini Galaxy Mix – a bit like the Spanish equivalent of Haribo (although, of course, they have Haribo in Spain), these sweets are covered in sugar, but they weren’t sour or particularly fizzy. The shapes included strawberries, spiders, gummy worms and gumdrops.


  • La Casera – this soda water is popular in Spain and it usually mixed with wine to make a spritzer (or tinto de Verano) or beer to make a shandy (also known as a Clara). I haven’t drunk it yet, and I was thinking I could treat myself to a fancy lime & soda, but we opened some red wine at the weekend so a tinto could definitely be on the cards!

In each information booklet, you can rate each snack out of three – 1 being ‘not for me’, 2 being ‘it’s okay’ or 3, ‘I love it’. I’ll be rating all future boxes at the end, but the Spain box received a resounding 31/33 from me!

I have since got my next box in the post, and I won’t be issuing any spoilers on here as to what the country is, but keep your eyes peeled for my next post. If you’re interested in subscribing to Snack Surprise, there are different subscription levels and payment options available. Alternatively, you can also gift a box… what a lovely pick-me-up for a friend to receive in the current climate – I know I’d love to get one of these in the post.

Love, Lucy xx

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