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Cardboard box containing sweet and savoury packaged snacks from Bulgaria
Cardboard box containing sweet and savoury packaged snacks from Bulgaria

As I think I mentioned in my last post, I’ve unsubscribed from Snack Surprise due to getting repeated boxes. While that wasn’t a problem last time (¡Viva España!), I was disappointed to receive this box again. This was the worst scoring box I’ve ever rated, and I wondered whether or not it could get any worse! Yes, I’m reviewing the Snack Surprise Bulgaria box (again). Read on to see how this one will fare…


  • Medenka: popular cake biscuit in Bulgaria. Honey flavoured, covered in chocolate.

Delicious! The cake was gingerbread-like, in its taste and texture, and it wasn’t too sweet. The chocolate was a nice addition.

  • Borovets Monkey Cake Banana: soft, sweet cake, filled with a creamy banana filling. Love by kids and adults alike.

I shared this with Alfie (I think he had the head, and I took the rest), and we both loved it. I did find the filling quite artificial, which often the case with banana-flavoured products.

  • Milkiss Honey & Milk: these soft cakes are layered with milk and honey and have a delicious cream filling.

So yummy. The sponge was light and soft, and the filling was delicious.

  • Walnut Cookie: this Bulgarian cookie is filled with tasty walnuts. The perfect pairing with your favourite hot drink.

Quite dry and not very flavoursome. This actually reminded me of Rusks – as it wasn’t very sweet and had a distinct texture.


  • Kubeti Tzatziki: a unique Bulgarian snack. These wheat-rye bread cubes have the wonderful taste of Tzatziki.

Little mini croutons, which could have been perfect for snacking on – or even topping soup or a salad with. Sadly, they had a very strong yogurt and cucumber flavour, which wasn’t pleasant.

  • Zayo Bayo Paprika: wheat snacks sprinkled with paprika.

Looked like Wotsits, but certainly didn’t taste like them. These were very soft, and almost stale in texture. The flavour wasn’t very strong either. Dare I say it, they could have been mistaken for another baby snack!


  • Temenuzhki: from one of the oldest and most-loved sweet companies in Bulgaria. A hard sweet with a violet liquorice flavour.

I hate Parma Violets and I hated these sweets last time. I didn’t even bother opening the bag, as they’re just not for me!

  • Mypa Black and Brownie: delicious chocolate wafer layer with brownie-flavoured cream filling.

So many layers of wafer, with plenty of crunch. Rich and chocolatey flavour – the filling was exactly like chocolate brownie.

  • Chaika Dessert: the Chaika Dessert has a soft fondant core, glazed with chocolate. A truly Bulgarian dessert.

Thank God, I have a sweet tooth – because this was sweet. The fondant was rich, making it an indulgent treat.

  • Republica Coco: another classic Bulgarian treat. This chocolate bar combines chocolate and coconut.

At a first glance, I thought this was going to be like a Bounty. The coconut filling was nowhere near as sweet and was actually quite light. I’d say the filling was like a Bounty met a Milkyway. I liked it.

  • Chernomorets Bar: these crispy wafers are covered with crushed peanuts and orange chocolate.

I wasn’t expecting to like this, but the chocolate orange flavour was subtle – verging on non-existent. The combination of flavours and textures was all wrong for me. The wafer was quite soft.


  • Party Drink Lemonada: wash down your treats with a refreshing lemon fizzy drink.

Don’t be put off by the colour – it’s bright. This tasted like any other lemonade, to be honest. I think I had mine with a gin – standard.

And now to the ratings. I actually gave five products full marks and was lulled into a false sense of security when it came to the overall score. There were a fair few low scorers in this box too. The second Bulgarian Snack Surprise box ended up receiving a total of 24/36 – and here’s the leader board.

  1. Netherlands – 94%
  2. Spain (2020) – 94%
  3. Spain (2022) – 94%
  4. Italy – 92%
  5. Portugal – 89%
  6. Australia – 87%
  7. New Zealand – 87%
  8. Hungary – 84%
  9. Greece – 82%
  10. Sweden – 82%
  11. Turkey – 81%
  12. USA – 79%
  13. Germany – 75%
  14. Austria – 73%
  15. Romania – 73%
  16. Czech Republic – 70%
  17. Bulgaria (2021) – 69%
  18. Bulgaria (2022) – 67%

Just one mark less than the previous box to set an unforgettable low-scoring record. Yes, I didn’t think that other one would ever get beaten, either.

We’re staying in Europe for the next box, and I think it might be a decent scorer!

Love, Lucy xx

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