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Snack Surprise box, with contents from Germany
It's been over a month since I wrote a Snack Surprise review and truth be told, it's not only because I've lost my mojo in recent weeks, but also because I've only just finished July's box… July – can you believe it?!

Anyway, this box came from Germany and as well as no information booklet, there were a few replacement products – four in total. I had to frantically Google what some of the products were and then translate a lot of the ingredients. Let's move on.

As always, this was the original box. So, what did I receive?


  • Ferrero Hanuta: a deliciously rich Ferrero filling, sandwiched between crisp waffle-style wafers. Very indulgent, without being sickly – I loved it.
  • Marmor Kuchen: translates into English as ‘marble cake’ – and that’s exactly what it was. A marble cake bar, covered in milk chocolate. Very nice, but there’s no such thing as a bad cake!
  • Leibniz Pickup Black n White: chocolate biscuits, sandwiched together with a thick white chocolate bar. We get these in the UK, alongside the original version, so this was nothing new to me. Both are great and I remember taking these to Sixth Form. As far as chocolate biscuits, or lunchtime snacks go, these are top tier.
  • Corny Big: the packet said dark chocolate cookies and to an extent it was. This was an oaty cereal bar, combined with cookie pieces and dark chocolate drops Probably not the best for breakfast, but a great mid-morning snack.


  • Zwiebels: a corn ring snack, not too dissimilar to Onion Rings. However, these weren’t the bright orange colour we know over here, and the flavour wasn’t as strong – more like a spring onion. Nice enough, and ideal for snacking.
  • Chipsfrisch Ungarisch: a little Google told me that these crisps are actually Hungarian, and many sources described them as ‘Hungarian flavour’ – whatever that means. The flavour was in fact paprika, which was nice – and I’d compare these to Walkers/Lays crisps.
  • Bifi the Original Carazza: this was very strange, and I simply could not eat it. The exterior was soft and doughy, but not very pleasant, almost like a sweet bread or brioche. The inside had a large piece of a salami and some cheese – both of which tasted like plastic – and some tomato sauce. If it was meant to be a pizza, Italians look away. If I could have scored this zero, I would have!


  • Zetti Bambina: it’s really hard to describe what this chocolate bar was like. The filling reminded me of a set version of the creamy centre in a Kinder Bueno. The bar was covered in milk chocolate, making it quite sweet – but I still loved it.
  • Frigeo Knusper Puffreis: Germany’s answer to that retro classic, Rainbow Drops. Multi-coloured puffed rice bites, except these ones had a slightly sour coating. I was never a fan of the UK version – in fact, my brother told me, they actually made me sick – and I hated these too! I couldn’t even off-load them onto my brother, or Alfie!
  • Ahoj Bonbons: hard-boiled sweets with a fizzy sherbet centre. These were pretty harmless, and not sour at all. They reminded me of those strips of sweets you could buy in Spanish supermarkets on holiday – yano the ones, I mean, usually found in a theme like Looney Tunes!
  • Haribo Vulcano Fizz: now these were sour. Coming in three flavours: grapefruit, orange, and lemon with a liquid sour Apple Centre. Eating these on a severe hangover was not the one.


  • Paulaner Spezi: I was immediately dubious when I read that this fizzy drink combines the flavours of orangeade and cola. Just why? To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I honestly thought I would tip the whole can down the sink… I think I managed to have about a quarter of a can, because it just tasted like flat, weak cola. Yano, like when you go to the pub and the soda stream is run out of syrup. Still not great.

And now the fun part – the ratings. Much like last month’s box, we started off well with full marks and gradually got down to the products I really did not like. The Germany Snack Surprise box receives a score of 27/36. So, where does it rank on the leader board?

  1. Spain – 94%
  2. Italy – 92%
  3. Portugal – 89%
  4. Australia – 87%
  5. New Zealand – 87%
  6. USA – 79%
  7. Germany – 75%
  8. Bulgaria – 69%

There you have it. It was one of my least favourite boxes, although I don't think we will ever get much worse than the Bulgarian offering. Next month’s box is already here, and we will be staying in Europe. Any guesses as to what country (or products) we might be getting next time?

Love, Lucy xx

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