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Snack Surprise box from Australia

Snack Surprise box from Australia
This is now my fourth Snack Surprise box and I didn’t know if I was getting this one. An email claimed limited stock, as this was coming from 10,000 miles away, and only those with confirmed payment plans before a specific date would be receiving it. My box did arrive late, as it came in April rather than March – but better late than never, right?

And we finally got out of Europe – this box was filled full of snacks and treats from Australia. What was in the Original box and how did I rate it?


  • Wagon Wheel – a wonderful chocolate coated combination of marshmallow, jam and biscuit. It made me feel so nostalgic, I don’t know the last time I had one. This seemed like a larger, but thinner version of the retro UK biscuit. If you didn’t have this in your school lunchbox, you didn’t live. 
  • Tim Tam – two malted biscuits, sandwiched with chocolate cream and covered in chocolate. It’s basically the Australian equivalent of a Penguin bar, which is, in my opinion, massively underrated when it comes to chocolate biscuits.


  • Shapes – oven-baked crackers, which come in the flavours: pizza or barbecue. I received the pizza ones which were nice, but it always annoys me that ‘pizza flavour’ is basically tomato and basil. These were very moreish though, and so crunchy. 
  • French Fries – Australia’s original crunchy potato straw snack. I’m not really a plain crisp sort of person, but these I love. M&S potato straws are usually the one, but I really enjoyed these. Really salty, these would be perfect for a cold glass of wine, or a gin. Not the same as French Fries over here. 
  • Twisties – cheese flavour corn and rice snack. The best way to describe these is like cheese flavoured Nik Naks. I’ve actually had Twisties before – we bought some in Nonna’s and I loved them. I have to say the Maltese version are nicer – these were too salty for me.


  • Zappo Grape – Zappo fruit chews are known for their explosive flavour. These weren’t as sour as the likes of Toxic Waste, but they made my mouth water. I always find grape-flavoured stuff quite artificial, but these were nice enough. 
  • Dream – a real throwback! I’m not really a white chocolate person and this wasn’t how I remembered Dream bars at all – the shape or the taste… unless Australians bars are different to what we used to get in the UK? It was too sweet for me – which is saying something! 
  • Retro Party Mix – mixed sweets by Allen’s. I mean you can’t go wrong with sweets, especially mixed bags. But if we were rating brands and Haribo were god tier, followed by Vidal, these would come in third place. The lips and pineapples were my favourites, but the milk teeth had a really weird minty flavour, which I didn’t like. 
  • Cherry Ripe – Australia’s oldest chocolate bar: cherries and coconut coated with dark chocolate. I absolutely loved this bar, although the cherry was far too subtle, and it was more like a chocolate coated coconut ice – not a bad thing, though.


  • Kirk’s Creaming Soda – an Aussie favourite, but nothing like what we are used to in the UK. First of all, what’s the difference between cream soda and creaming soda? Well I still don’t actually know, but this drink was pink rather than clear. It also tasted like a cross between cream soda (that lovely vanilla flavour) and lemonade. I didn’t dislike it, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

And to the best bit, the ratings! There were 10 products in this box and with the majority scoring 3/3 (I love it), the Australia Snack Surprise box received a score of 26/30. To the leaderboard…

  1. Spain – 94%  
  2. Italy – 92%  
  3. Australia – 87% 
  4. Bulgaria – 69%

Surely it won’t be long before the April box arrives, after all, it’s May on Saturday! I have no idea what will be next, but I can’t wait to see.

Love, Lucy xx

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