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Snack Surprise New Zealand box contents
Snack Surprise New Zealand box contents

Here we go again – another month, another Snack Surprise box. This one proved a bit of a disaster, as it was delivered on the hottest day of the month and sat on my doorstep all day, as I was in the office that day. If a warm can wasn't bad enough, think of all the chocolate products. Anyway. I've tried to rate it the best I can... after salvaging the contents, that is!

As always, this is a review of the Original Box, and the June Box came from New Zealand. So, what snacks did I get and how did I rate them?


  • Cookie Bear Mini: Cookie bear biscuits come in one of three flavours. These were delicious – like sweet crackers, topped with icing and sprinkles.


  • Bluebird Rashuns: puffed corn snacks with a cheesy bacon flavour. These were like a thicker version of Wotsits. Quite dry and salty, but nice enough.
  • Bluebird Originals Green Onion: made with 100% New Zealand grown potatoes, I thought these were going to bring back the retro vibes and taste like spring onion Walkers (remember them?!). They tasted more like cheese and onion.


  • Pixie Caramel: hard caramel covered in rich dark chocolate. Of course, it had melted, but it was still nice. The caramel was so thick and chewy.
  • Milkshakes: creamy vanilla milkshake flavour chews. These tasted exactly like the white of a drumstick lolly. That gorgeous creamy vanilla flavour. Really dreamy and four chews was not enough.
  • Fabulicious: raspberry flavour liquorice with a fizzy centre. Sadly, the sherbet had either melted or dissolved so there was no fizz or Tang, but the liquorice straws were delicious, so soft, and fruity. I much prefer soft liquorice – Lakeland sell a beautiful one, I think from Australia.
  • Pineapple Lumps: An all-time Kiwi favourite. A soft pineapple chew, covered in milk chocolate. I don't usually like chocolate and fruit together and I still don't know how I feel about these. I think I was expecting the pineapple to be dried fruit and instead it was like a cross between a marshmallow and a Fruit Tella.
  • Moro: the iconic chocolate bar with a caramel nougat whip centre. That's right, it's basically a Mars bar. A classic. Loses a point because it had melted and proved to be a sticky mess – impossible to eat.
  • Peanut Slab: chocolate bar filled with roasted peanuts. You guessed it, it melted. It didn't solidify well once it had been in the fridge and tasted like cheap chocolate with a really weird texture. Not very nice. Plus, the peanuts were quite dry.


  • Lemon & Paeroa: L&P is made by combining lemon juice with water from the town of Paeroa. Not sure what's so special about it, but it just tasted like lemonade to me. I mixed it with my wild cherry gin.

And now to the ratings. We started off well and gradually went downhill. Although six products received full marks, giving the New Zealand snack surprise box score of 26/30. Where does it rank on the leader board?

  1. Spain – 94%
  2. Italy – 92%
  3. Portugal – 89%
  4. Australia – 87%
  5. New Zealand – 87%
  6. USA – 79%
  7. Bulgaria – 69%

Not the best box I've received, but certainly not the worst. My next box has already arrived and I'm looking forward to rating and reviewing those contents – as well as eating them, of course. But for now, if you're looking to subscribe or even gift a box, check out the website.

Love, Lucy xx

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