Review | Snack Surprise – Denmark

Box filled with snacks and treats from Denmark
Box filled with snacks and treats from Denmark
It’s time for my last Snack Surprise review. It’s been a long old journey – from December 2020 to August 2022, I think this box was. Long-time readers and followers of Love, Lucy xx will know that I subscribed to the Original box (the middle of the three options) of Snack Surprise and then review and rate the products. The Netherlands and Spain have been my favourites so far, with a 94% tasty rating, but how would this one fare? This is Snack Surprise – Denmark edition, so let’s take a look at the contents.


No sweet products in this box, but lots of confectionery instead to stick my teeth into!


  • Kim’s American Grill – thinly cut ridged potato chips. They have a lightly smoked barbecue flavour.

These were OK, but the flavour was more like tomato than barbecue, which was quite artificial tasting.

  • Kim’s Snack Chips – these chips are a classic from 1987. Ridged with a delicious flavour and extraordinary crispiness.

I’m not too sure how I felt about these crisps. Nothing on the packet really indicated what flavour they were, but they seemed to be quite tomatoey again. This was more like artificial ketchup and far too sweet for a crisp.


  • Yankie Mandel – similar to a 3 Musketeers bar, the Yankie gave American soldiers a taste of chocolate from home.

I’m going to assume that a 3 Musketeers bar is the US’ answer to a Mars bar, as this is what it tasted like – with chocolate, caramel and nougat combining. What’s to dislike?

  • Cloetta Flipper – most Danes will remember the classic sweet and fruity marshmallow dolphin from childhood.

A cross between a mallow and foam gummy, this strawberry dolphin was very nice!

  • Anthon Berg Mini Plum in Madeira – iconic Danish sweet, dark chocolate with plum and marzipan.

This was different, but surprisingly good and all the flavours worked well together. It was like a disc of marzipan, topped with a plum jelly and coated in dark chocolate. Not sure where the Madeira comes in – or how Danish it really is…

  • Spunk Vingummi – fruit flavoured red, yellow, green and orange wine gums.

Don’t be put off by the brand name. I would say these were more like midget gums or sports gums than wine gums, as they were not as soft as the latter. But still very fruity (and very chewy).

  • Tom’s Guldkaramel Golden Toffee – this has its own game. After eating each one, try to flatten the wrapper and peel the golden part off without ripping it. If you fail, eat another and try again.

A challenge I am totally here for – especially when these treats are so delicious. A chocolate coated caramel ball, it was essentially a Cadbury Éclair in reverse!

  • Tom’s Pingvin Blanding – a mixture of soft liquorice sweets.

These were unreal. A mixture of fruit, chocolate, and caramel liquorice gummies in different shapes.

  • Tom’s Orangestang – the Orangestang is a perfectly crunchy milk chocolate bar with a burst of orange.

I knew I wouldn’t like this, being chocolate orange – but I was intrigued by it. I thought it would be like an orange KitKat, with the wafer replaced with cornflakes, but it was actually just solid chocolate fingers, with a bit of a crunchy. I broke the end off to try, regretted it, and gave the rest to Ash.

  • Carletti Skumbanan – a true Danish classic. This is a fluffy banana marshmallow covered in dark chocolate.

Another one with a funny name. This was very unusual and weird, but good – if that makes sense. It was very soft, and the banana element was more like a jelly-style marshmallow, not too dissimilar to our dolphin friend earlier.


  • Faxe Kondi – a deliciously refreshing drink with a subtle lemon flavour. It’s pretty similar to 7-Up.

Once again (and for the final time!), I drank this as a mixer with either some gin or red wine (can’t remember now) so can’t comment specifically on the flavour… but most lemonade is all the same.

And to the final ratings. As boxes go, this wasn’t particularly bad and there was only one product I didn’t like (no real shocks there). There were six products that received full marks (that’s 3/3) so the Denmark Snack Surprise box received a total score of 27/33. Here’s the final leader board:

  1. Netherlands – 94%
  2. Spain (2020) – 94%
  3. Spain (2022) – 94%
  4. Italy – 92%
  5. France – 90%
  6. Portugal – 89%
  7. Australia – 87%
  8. New Zealand – 87%
  9. Hungary – 84%
  10. Denmark – 82%
  11. Greece – 82%
  12. Sweden – 82%
  13. Turkey – 81%
  14. USA – 79%
  15. Germany – 75%
  16. Austria – 73%
  17. Romania – 73%
  18. Czech Republic – 70%
  19. Bulgaria (2021) – 69%
  20. Bulgaria (2022) – 67%

Making it into the top 10, on alphabetical order. This was definitely fun while it lasted. I only unsubscribed because I was so annoyed about receiving a Bulgarian box for a second time, especially when it had duplicate products I disliked. I’ve tried a few subscription boxes now – you can search for them in the top toolbar, if you type ‘Degustabox’, ‘Graze’ or ‘Tokyo Treat’.

If you’d like to subscribe or gift a box, take a look at the Snack Surprise website for more details.

Love, Lucy xx

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