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Contents of Snack Surprise Portugal box
Contents of Snack Surprise Portugal box

Another month, another Snack Surprise box and review. After we travelled 10,000 miles in my last post to Australia, we are slightly closer to home this month. The April Snack Surprise box came courtesy of Portugal. I had high expectations – I mean, I absolutely loved the Spain box, and I’d envisaged there being some cross-over.

So, what was in the Original Box, and how did I rate it?


  • Vieira Tarteletes – small pastry tartlets with a rich strawberry filling. A pack of four was definitely enough, as they were quite sweet with plenty of strawberry jam. They were very nice though and were definitely an Iberian snack! 
  • Nougat – a delicious bar made from sweet honey and peanuts. I absolutely love traditional nougat – and turron, when in Spain. This was more like peanut brittle, as opposed to the softer and creamier variations that can be found. It was good, but not one of my favourite turrons. 
  • Chipicao – a croissant with cocoa cream filling. Okay, so there appears to be a theme with the packaged croissants. This was more like brioche – it had a doughy texture, rather than flaky pastry. But the chocolate crème was rich and indulgent. This particular snack was shaped like a sausage roll, rather than the traditional crescent shape.


  • Lays Campesinas – crisps that make you feel the taste of a Mediterranean farm. I absolutely love Lays crisps, and we always have them on holiday. I’d not had this particular flavour for a while. And although Campesinas translates as ‘peasant’, these are what I would call ‘country’ flavour – of the countryside, with tomato and herbs. A taste of the Med, that’s for sure. 
  • Super Douradas Chourico – crinkle cut crisps with a chorizo flavour. I would have to say that crisps are one of my snacking weaknesses, and I loved these. The chorizo flavour was so intense, without being overly salty. I could just imagine a free ramekin of these at a bar, with a lovely glass of wine.


  • Regina milk chocolate – with pineapple or passionfruit flavour. I had the pineapple bar, and I’ll admit I’m really not a fruit and chocolate person. The fruit creams are always the remaining chocolates at Christmas, and to me, the two just should not mix. That being said, this was purely a milk chocolate bar, with the flavour of pineapple – there were no fruit pieces, no filling or cream. Kinda weird, but also kinda alright. 
  • Sugus – classic chewy sweets in five flavours. Let’s be honest, Starburst are great – and this is Portugal’s answer. But these are so much better – and there are more flavours too. In juicy cherry, lemon, orange, pineapple and strawberry flavour. 
  • Gorila Gum – Gorila Gum has been around since 1975 and is popular in Portugal. I’m really not a bubble gum person and the gum quickly lost its flavour, so it ended up feeling like I was chewing rubber. There were three flavours to sample in the box: banana, passionfruit – and I don’t remember the third. But the passionfruit was the nicest. 
  • Penha caramelos – classic fruit chews. I’m sure I’ve bought these before, either at an airport, or a supermarket. You cannot go wrong with chewy sweets. These came in six mouth-watering flavours: blueberry, lemon, orange, peach, pineapple and strawberry. So delicious. 
  • Regina almonds – whole almonds coated in milk chocolate. The product description in the accompanying booklet mentioned cinnamon, but there’s definitely no cinnamon in these – I checked the ingredients too. A very thick and rich layer of milk chocolate coated the almonds, making it an indulgent treat. 
  • Sombrinhas – the iconic Portuguese chocolate umbrella. These definitely took me back – I’m sure one year we had something similar on the Christmas tree. There’s something nostalgic about chocolate in this form, and can I add, it was decent chocolate too, not the cheap stuff!


  • Sumol – a refreshing drink with pineapple juice, lightly carbonated, with real fruit pulp. We don’t really have a drink like this over here, but I would probably say it’s not as sweet ad Fanta, and obviously not as sharp as Lilt. It was really refreshing. I almost wish that I had mixed it with Malibu… would have been unreal.

And now to the ratings. There were 12 products in the Portugal Snack Surprise box. I scored 9 of them full marks… which gives April’s box a total score of 32/36. But where does it rank on the leader board?

  1. Spain – 94%
  2. Italy – 92%
  3. Portugal – 89%
  4. Australia – 87%
  5. Bulgaria – 69%

I’m looking forward to May’s box, whenever it may arrive. And then my subscription is up. I’m tempted to renew, because I love the surprise element, and as the leader board suggests, most of the boxes have been pretty much spot-on. The only downside is the lateness of delivery and the lack of communication and customer service. It’s a surprise when your box will arrive as well as the country it has been inspired by.

Love, Lucy xx

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