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Box containing sweet and savoury snacks from France, including sweets, crisps and cake
Box containing sweet and savoury snacks from France, including sweets, crisps and cake

It’s time for another Snack Surprise review. I believe this will be the penultimate one since I cancelled my subscription and paid in quarterly stints. As always, it’s the Original Box I’m going to be rating, and this one came from France, so I had high hopes. It definitely brought back all the childhood memories and nostalgia – so let’s crack on.


  • Madeleine Chocolat: St Michel brings you these indulgent chocolate-coated madeleines

Sadly, they didn’t bring them to me. This product wasn’t in my box and there wasn’t a replacement or substitute. Not a good start, but I won’t be including this in my ratings (so the total will be out of 30).

  • Petit Ecolier: indulgent ‘pocket’ biscuit combines LU’s crunchy butter biscuit with delicious milk chocolate

A really thick layer of creamy milk chocolate made this product a lot more exciting – as I found the biscuit quite bland otherwise. Nice enough but there are plenty of other products that I think are better (like Bahlsen Choco Leibniz).

  • Chamonix a l’Orange: made using the same 100-year-old recipe, the Chamonix cake is filled with orange marmalade

These were OK. The cake itself was quite sweet and sticky and the orange flavour was more subtle than I was expecting. I love marmalade so was expecting a big zingy hit!

  • LU Napolitain: delicious soft cakes from LU bring you the classic Napolitain flavour

Light, soft sponge but quite dry due to the numerous layers of cake.

  • LU Grany: French cereal bar containing chocolate pieces, corn, rice flour, oat flakes and malted rye flakes

A really nice cereal bar. It actually tasted like chocolate and peanut butter to me. Chewy and delicious.


  • Best of Belin Crackers: France’s favourite crackers brand. This box gives you a selection of delicious Belin crackers

Savoury crackers in a variety of flavours including plain, poppy seed and cheese. The plain ones reminded me of Ritz crackers. Very nice.

  • Fritelle Gout Bacon: these Lays bacon-flavoured crisps are the ultimate savoury snack

Basically, bacon flavoured Chip Sticks. Quite salty, but these were a hit with all the family.


  • Haribo Dragibus: delicious fruit-flavoured sweets, loved by kids and adults

Haribo are elite-tier sweets and this variation we don’t get in the UK, so it was good to try them. They were like gummy dragees. Small ball-shaped sweets with a gummy centre and sugary shell coating.

  • Carambar: Carambar is a traditional French treat. These soft and chewy sticks have a sweet caramel taste

Brought back so many memories – we used to do Calais day trips, and these would always end up in the trolley. The original ones are good, but I also love the fruit ones. Sadly, I don’t think the ‘elastic’ ones are in production anymore. And I now find myself searching online to buy Carambars…

  • Haribo Orangina Pik: Haribo mix combining the tasty flavours of France’s favourite orange soda and classic Haribo sweet

Orangina is unreal and these Haribo sweets were lush. I was expecting them to be different flavours due to the different colours, but they all tasted the same. They weren’t that fizzy either – nowhere near as tangy as Tangfastics.


  • Gini Lemon: this can of Gini Lemon soda is the perfect refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot summer’s day

What a surprise, I used this as mixer and had a Gini Lemonade… See what I did there?

And now to the ratings. There weren’t any products I disliked, and with not receiving one of the items, the total points are reduced. So, the French Snack Surprise box scores 27/30 – and here’s where it ends up on the leader board:

  1. Netherlands – 94%
  2. Spain (2020) – 94%
  3. Spain (2022) – 94%
  4. Italy – 92%
  5. France – 90%
  6. Portugal – 89%
  7. Australia – 87%
  8. New Zealand – 87%
  9. Hungary – 84%
  10. Greece – 82%
  11. Sweden – 82%
  12. Turkey – 81%
  13. USA – 79%
  14. Germany – 75%
  15. Austria – 73%
  16. Romania – 73%
  17. Czech Republic – 70%
  18. Bulgaria (2021) – 69%
  19. Bulgaria (2022) – 67%

Interestingly, if I had scored it for all products, the France Snack Surprise box would have received 82% and featured a lot lower down in the rankings. Final box incoming and while we are staying in Europe, it’s not a country I’ve reviewed before – so watch this space…

Love, Lucy xx

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