Little Aromas | New packaging and scents summer haul

Flat lay of a selection wax melts - mainly snap bars and round heart clams

It’s been a while since I shared a Little Aromas haul, and to be honest, not only do I not really use my wax burners in summer, but I have a box full of melts that will probably last me another year (and that doesn’t include my seasonal hamper I’ll be digging into next month with Halloween on the horizon). But when I found that Little Aromas had released new products and scents in brand-new super-cute packaging, I just could not resist.

I have to say, as orders go, this wasn’t the biggest or the most I’ve spent, but it’s actually one of my favourite orders – because of all the newness! So, let’s take a look at what I bought…

  • Round heart clams in Blueberry Lemonade, Bergamot & Wild Poppy and Icing Sugar
  • Snap bars in Daffodil & Vanilla, Vanilla & Tahiti, Marshmallow & Hawaiian Pineapple, Marshmallow & Scottish Raspberry and Blush Silk
  • Bunny butts in Clementine & Champagne and Coco Colada
  • Imperfection bag – containing Apple Bonbon snap bar and Exotic Blooms bow

First up – can we admire the new labels? Aren’t they gorge? I love the little illustrations and the pop of colour they provide (although I do adore the signature pink packaging too). The snap bars come in these beaut pink clams with the bows – so totally on brand.

But we are here to talk about the new scents. And I’ll be honest and say I’ve not burnt them all yet, so some of this is still from a quick sniff. I purchased snap bars in all new scents, which was so exciting and there were so many to choose from… lots of marshmallow and pineapple though – perfect for the summer release! A lot of these gave off the tropical and holiday vibes, and while I struggled to narrow it down to my favourite three, I have.

Five snap bars in baby pink packaging

My fave new scents

  1. Daffodil & Vanilla is described as “Daffodil accords blended with Vanilla notes giving you that spring vibe”. It’s a Lenor dupe, so super fresh, and as you’d expect from its scent profile, a floral scent with some strong hints of sweetness with the vanilla. It smells like my fabric conditioner and obviously, I love it. This is scent to burn in the living room, as it’s so homely.
  2. Marshmallow & Hawaiian Pineapple is a fruity fragrance with opening notes of zesty Pineapple and creamy Coconut, followed by a base of sweet Sugar Candy and soft fluffy Marshmallow. It genuinely smells good enough to eat and is just lush. It smells a bit like a pina colada, with more of a sweetness. It will be one for the office, while I’m working and making me dream about holidays (while writing about them).
  3. Bergamot & Wild Poppy was the first product I put in my basket. It’s a rich fragrance that opens up with notes of Blackcurrant and Bergamot, with middle notes of Rose and Jasmine before finishing with subtle notes of White Musk and Amber. It’s another I have been burning in the living room – a long lasting scent with a really good throw. It’s another fresh and floral melt but is has this lovely warming cosiness. I have been loving it lately.

And to round up some of the other new scents, Icing Sugar is a lovely soft fragrance, which in a strange way, reminds me of Baby Powder. When I saw Blush Silk, I thought it might possibly be a Jo Malone dupe, but it’s actually a really fruity scent with hints of floral, and woods. I’m looking forward to burning that one next. Vanilla & Tahiti is gorgeous – again, lots of floral and woods with the sweetness of vanilla and musk.

I’m already eyeing up the new Scoop & Melt wax jars. I loved my one before and they last so long as you only need a couple of scoops per burner. If you want to snap one up, or even try any of the new scents and products, you’ll be pleased to hear that Little Aromas has a little sale on. No need to add a code at checkout as the discounts have already been applied. Check out the website for more details!

Love, Lucy xx

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