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Little Hands Learning subscription box contents for July's bug themed box

“A monthly subscription box, inspired by the magic of books.”

I know it wasn't that long ago that I posted my last Little Hands Learning review, but I've got a few boxes to write about. As I mentioned in my last post, this was July’s box and I had then bought a one-off box in the sale. Since then, we've received August's box in the post, so Alfie will be kept busy for a while. I’ve got my eye on another previous box too… I can’t help myself!

July's box was BUG themed, and the activities were inspired by the book The Bug Collector by Alex G Griffiths. It's a really lovely story about a boy, who wants to collect bugs after visiting a museum with his grandad. Once he collects them all in jars and bottles, he discovers there are no more bugs in the garden. The book also contains information and why bugs are so important to our ecosystem, and it has a really cool ending too.

The four activities were:

  • Growing oregano
  • Building a bug hotel
  • Minibeast hunt
  • Drawing on wood slices
Little boy holding up a homemade bug hotel, made with a plastic bottle and wood wool

A bug's life

We made the bug hotel first. We already have one in the garden, which we got from a garden centre. It was so cute, a yellow pear-shaped one – but it's so weathered and well-used now.

I found a plastic bottle (I think it was a smoothie) and managed to cut both ends off so it became a tube. I then let Alfie stuff it with the materials. We only used the bamboo sticks and the box stuffing. I then attached the string, and we hung the bug hotel up in the garden next to the existing one in the hope that the insects would like to stay at a new hotel.

We’ve not checked how it's getting on, but it was so fun to build together. Eventually, I imagine we will buy a new one (or we could even make a larger one). I'm also considering making another one for those that can't reach the one high up.

Little boy wearing a watch mixing soil and water in a bowl

Feeling fresh

We love the planting activities and after the success of our basil, there were more fresh herbs to enjoy and reap the rewards of in this box… We were growing oregano!

We used our terracotta pot from a previous box and Alfie did all the important jobs: mixing the soil and water in a bowl, spooning it into the pot, and adding seeds. I've since had the even more important job (don't tell him that!) of making sure the seeds are watered and kept warm to germinate.

I noticed earlier that we're starting to see some shoots, so hopefully they'll continue to grow, and we’ll have some herbs soon. I told him that once we have our herbs, we can use them to garnish a pizza or pasta dish. How exciting.

Slices of wood with insects drawn on them, with a bug hunt map in the background

Wood you stop bugging me?

The subheading is pretty apt considering Alfie asked me to do the drawings. He did have a go but gave up, as the markings on the wood were proving difficult. We had to press quite hard, and I wish I had experimented with watercolours and felt pens too.

I asked which bugs he’d like and did three drawings before turning the slices over and getting him to guess the other three insects. I ended up drawing an ant, bumblebee, butterfly, ladybird, snail, and a worm.

His favourite was the ladybird, and I'd have to agree. I then wrote the names and now need to hang them. I'm thinking of putting them in the garden, ready for our next bug hunt.

If you're interested in purchasing a one-off box or even subscribing, visit the website. And if you're looking for a discount on a future box or anything in the shop, use code: LUCYLOCKET – and in the notes, mention that I sent you.

For sneak peeks of future boxes, as well as other crafty and educational ideas, follow Little Hands Learning on Instagram.

Oh, and Little Hands Learning are currently on the lookout for some new brand reps. If you'd like more details or to join the team, be sure to take a look on Instagram.

Love, Lucy xx

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