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Little Hands Learning subscription box, titled Dreams

“A monthly subscription box, inspired by the magic of books”

Long overdue now, but last month, Alfie received his November Little Hands Learning box. We have since opened the December (or Christmas!) box and I should be posting that on here soon – although you can still get your hands on it online. The theme was ‘Dreams’ and it was probably my favourite box so far.

The book: ‘What will you dream of tonight?’ – written by Frances Stickley and illustrated by Anuska Allepuz is a really lovely story. It's about adventure, love and reassurance and gets your little one to use their imagination. The illustrations are beautiful and each one tells its own story. While Alfie is not at an age where he remembers – or really understands –dreams, he loves the story. A bit like the other books we have read from previous boxes, there’s a QR code in the cover to scan, allowing you to listen to a free audio book version. We’re yet to do it, but definitely will give it a try.

The activities in the box were:

  • Make your own clay stars
  • Craft a dreamcatcher
  • Record your dreams
  • Experiment with Dream Dust
Little boy with dream dust science experiment

Dream A Little Dream

As soon as I saw the Dream Dust experiment on Instagram, I knew it was something Alfie and I could do together, and really enjoy. Side note – I did have an incident whereby the first bag had opened in transit and spilt all over the contents of the box, but thankfully, Alex and Isabel sent me another batch, so we could give it a try.

I used a small tray and a medicine spoon as we had no pipettes. We sprinkled about a third of the dust in and watched on as the mixture bubbled and fizzed, as we added water – even starting to change colour. It looked like a night sky scene, so pretty and lots of fun. We were lucky we use the dust sparingly to have multiple goes of the experiment, also adding varying amounts of water. I'd love to do it again with different colours too.

Little boy making clay stars

When you wish upon a star

Mum and Alfie created the clay stars together. They were part of the decoration for the dreamcatcher, but had they been perfect, they would have ended up on my Christmas tree –for sure. I think they ventured into the garden to collect natural treasures to imprint into the clay. Just look at the level of concentration on his face in the photo above. The stars look great with their varying textured markings.

Dream, catch me

The dreamcatcher activity was a really lovely idea and went so well with the book as well as the box’s theme overall, I'm still yet to get photos of our creation… I say our, as Alfie created the stars, but truth be told – I did all the hard work. Keep your eyes peeled on socials for sneak preview soon.

We are yet to use a dream book. As I mentioned, Alfie doesn't remember his dreams – a bit like me. I joked we should gift it to Ash, as he used to have some really strange dreams and eventually started writing them down… they were that wild! At least it's something we can hold onto until Alfie’s a bit older or better still, I can get him to draw pictures of his dreams, or even what's on his mind.

As always, you can follow Little Hands Learning on Instagram and if you’re after more information on any of the boxes or how to subscribe or even gift a box (Christmas is coming, after all), visit the websiteDon't forget to use code: LUCYLOCKET, for your discount.

Love, Lucy xx

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