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Supplies to make origami paper peonies
Origami paper peonies on display, on a living room shelf
I've been to and blogged about a couple of Origami Est's workshops now, and at the beginning of the month, I attended the Peonies one at Newton Leys Pavilion. I bought a ticket for my mum – who's quite the folding expert now – and my friend Rebecca, who also came to a previous workshop, bought a ticket.

Tickets were priced at £25 each, and this included all the materials we'd need to make three peonies – we could even choose our paper colours when booking online. I chose pink, lavender and grey to match our living room d├ęcor, as I knew that's where I'd be putting the finished flowers. As well as the papers, we also received green wire for the stems, ribbon (to tie the strips together) and a tube of UHU glue, which we could take home. Everything was in a large envelope – with our names on the front in the most beautiful calligraphy-style writing.

The workshop was two hours – and needless to say, I didn't get all three flowers done in time, but we went home to finish them off afterwards. As usual, Est was sat at the front and she explained each step, while also folding her own peonies. We went one strip at a time, and once we had done all the folds for the first strip, it was simply repeated for the rest of them – so easy to remember. Each peony had 16 strips in all – 12 of one size, and four of a smaller size.

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At other workshops have attended. I've often struggled usually at the assembly stage, but I found making peonies really quite simple and actually therapeutic. The assembly was my weak point again, but it was relatively easy, in hindsight. Our papers were all cut to size, and all we needed to do was fold them all, bunch them together and tie them with the ribbon, before reversing the folds to create the petals. Once complete, we glued on the wire and then bent to shape.

I was so impressed with how realistic they all looked – although Rebecca made me laugh when she said her grey peony resembled an artichoke. In Est’s book, there are instructions to make roses, lilies, and tulips – but the peonies are just stunning!

Due to COVID, we were two to a table, so well-spaced out. As I’d been socialising with Rebecca anyway and we were out for dinner together later in the month, I invited her to our table and while the three of us sat together, there was still plenty of space for all of us to fold. Another restriction saw no refreshments being served. At previous workshops, there were an array of sweet treats, including mince pies at the Festive Stars session, and drinks from the kitchen. It wasn't a problem that they weren't provided, and we just brought our own. In fact, alongside the chatting, the snacking probably slowed us down – and was the reason why we all only managed to complete one flower. I find that time always flies at the workshops.

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As soon as I finished making my last peony and the glue had dried, I put them in one of my favourite glass vases, on one of our floating shelves in the living room. They look great and go so well with the colour of our walls. I’ve had a few people compliment me on socials too – they do look quite professional! I’ve not seen Rebecca’s yet, but we're going to Mum's later in the week, so I'm looking forward to seeing where hers are now that they’re finished.

In terms of Est’s workshops, I believe that's it now for 2021, but you can find both online and in real life events on her website for next year. I wish I had blogged this before Christmas because not only would the workshop make a really lovely present for a loved one, but there’s also a shop where you can buy her book, papers, and other supplies – or even ready-made products. Regardless of Christmas being over, there are some lovely gifts on the website or why not treat yourself!

I would love to attend a lampshade workshop, but I just know I wouldn't have the patience for it. We've got one of the lampshades in our bedroom and it looks beautiful. However, the ‘Fancy Pants’ lampshade is so extra. While I don't think I'll be able to make one, it’s currently on my lust list for the house.

Love, Lucy xx

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