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Giant lego spider, at the theme park

We took Alfie to Legoland almost a week after his 2nd birthday. The weather wasn't great, and he wasn't able to go on many of the rides – let alone appreciate the experience. Two years on from then, we took him for his 4th birthday. Courtesy of the Kellogg’s 2-for-1 offer, my mum came too. You can also pay £25 for a parent and pre-schooler ticket – an absolute bargain if you ask me! After a meal for three last time cost nearly £30, we packed a picnic – to save time, as well as money. And we were truly blessed with the weather.

First on the agenda, after some photos with the mega dinosaur sculptures at the entrance, was the model making studio. Here, you can build your own Lego buildings, animals, and figures, while upstairs, you can see the sculptors hard at work!  There were also a collection of exhibits including all manner of famous figures and faces.

Vikings and pirates and lunch – oh my!

In terms of rides, Spinning Spiders was first on our list in the area ‘Land of the Vikings’. Very much like the classic fairground ride, the teacups – we were sat in barrels, which could be spun by the wheel in the centre, while a giant Lego spider was overhead.

‘Pirate Shores’ was next on the agenda where we rode the Jolly Rocker. We were placed at the very back – and felt the full force of the boat swinging from side to side. Alfie loved it and was in hysterics for much of the ride. It’s fair to say, he enjoyed it more than the adults – I could just feel my stomach turning the whole time, especially going down.

A trip to the Pirate play area was a little disappointing. All the slides were out of action – cordoned off with metal railings at the bottom of each one – still trying to get Alfie away from the area proved difficult. We had to bribe him with more rides and an early lunch. Luckily, it wasn't very busy, so nothing was really a problem.

Pirate Falls: Treasure Quest was not the panning for gold, we thought, but instead the log flume. Alfie was sat at the front and got drenched – while my backpack and our picnic blanket got a soaking too. Even with the warm weather, we wouldn’t have dried quickly. Thankfully there are some pods, at the exit that you can dry in. Of course, you have to pay to use them, and they accept contactless card payments. Containing massive fans and heated lamps, it wasn't long before we were dry again. Alfie felt a little better then and we stopped for lunch, enjoying our Marks & Spencer spread and some delicious sweet treats from Tiffin Plus on a grass verge.

Boy driving a lego car at the driving school

Being imaginative at Lego City

Having had to bypass possibly the best area of the park last time around, as Alfie was too young, we had so much fun in this zone. First, we tried our best to put out the house fire – as we took part in the Fire Academy. If we were racing the other families, it's safe to say we came last. Next, Alfie miraculously earned his driving licence in the L-Drivers zone – this, after crashing into someone and nearly going around the track backwards. And then the sky was the limit as we went up up and away at the Balloon School. Lots of fun, although we missed out on the Deep-Sea Adventure this time.

Legoland Miniland inspired by London

Release your inner warrior at Ninjago World

There was just enough time to ride Destiny's Bounty. Another boat ride, that this time span 360 degrees. We were also ninjas in training as we donned our 3D glasses and battled through fire, ice, and water in the 4D world. It was actually really confusing as to what to do and how to attack the villains – including snake tribes, skeleton ghosts, and the King of the Skulkuns. The funny thing is, Alfie won with a bigger score than Ash and I combined.

Next, we had a quick pitstop for an ice cream. Possibly the biggest ice cream we've ever had. And rather than getting the Legoland Express back to the entrance, we had a wander through Miniland – which is currently being renovated. Most of the models were still there in their glory, and Alfie enjoyed running around and following the trains and boats, which operated in circuits. And finally, it was time to hit the shop before heading home. Alfie had been given some birthday money to spend and mum bought him an ice cream van which we assembled as soon as we got home. Lego is definitely his thing at the moment.

We agreed that while it was quiet, being a Thursday, the day still felt a bit rushed and next time we would book the hotel to make the most of the experience. Even without queuing (I say queuing, the most we waited was 15 minutes for the driving school!), there's definitely too much to do and see in one day. If you’re planning on booking a daytrip to Legoland, be sure to take advantage of the Mates Go Free offer. And if you’re a parent to an under four, look at the pre-schooler and parent deal online.

Have you been to Legoland recently? What is your favourite ride – or even zone?

Love, Lucy xx

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