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Patch MK signage, with little boy running
Little boy in sunflower patch

Last year, I found out about The Patch MK, and OMG – what a find! We took Alfie to both the sunflower event and pumpkin picking. Both of which were in the rain – typical British weather! And sunflower season has been and gone for another year… but not before a 2021 visit! This time I took Alfie and my mum. Tickets were priced at £4.95 each and there was so much more to do and see this year.

The new additions

Amongst the additional features and attractions was the Insta farm – with so many wonderful photo opportunities. It was the perfect opportunity to get that summertime vibe on your grid. The 8-foot iron heart was ideal for perching in, and Alfie perfected the laidback look, while I loved posing and having my photo taken. There was also a 15-foot balloon sculpture which was also beautiful and not to mention the gorgeous butterfly wings. I believe they had been painted by a family member – and were so cute. There were two sets, both at different heights, although Alfie preferred standing in front of the taller ones.

For the kids, there was also den building with plenty of massive sticks, and all the slides. I'm sure last year there were only two or three. This time there were five and a small rock-climbing wall too. It was in the far area of the farm, where you could meet the gorgeous sheep and they certainly loved all the attention.

There was also a bar on selected dates, serving up local beer, prosecco and Pimm’s. It wasn’t quite Pimm’s or Gin-Ton weather when we visited but I almost wished I wasn’t driving so I could have the one tipple in the beautiful surroundings. Instead, we grabbed ice lattes and flapjacks – the most gorgeous white chocolate, pistachio, and cranberry flapjack! The portions were huge, and so tasty. Alfie sat and enjoyed a small tub of chocolate ice cream. There were haybales to sit on, as well as table and chairs.

Boy sitting on vintage red tractor

The old favourites

Of course, there were so many things to do and see that were also at The Patch last year. I'm talking about the vintage tractor and combine harvester. Jump on and pretend to be a farmer for the day. Perfect for photo opportunities with a great backdrop of wheat-filled fields.

Hay Bale Mountain was also there. Alfie loved climbing on it last year, although I was super cautious as he hadn't turned 3 by this point, and it was quite high. This year, he was more scared of it. I helped him onto the first bale, and he asked to go higher, so I climbed on too, and then he changed his mind and said it was too tall. However, it still proved popular with the older children.

Mum also took him on the barrel tractor ride, which cost £2.50, per person (cash only). We went on it twice last year and he was desperate for a third go – having been on it twice, and as mum paid, I let them go on together. Although after Alfie got off, he just wanted to go on it again and again.

And there was also the viewing platform to see all the sunflowers and get a sunny selfie. Let's talk about those now…

A sky with 1,000 Suns

For this year's event, The Patch planted five varieties of sunflower, as well as 30 different types of wildflower, and there were even three acres of wheat – think lots of paths and mazes to explore.

As I mentioned, the viewing platform for the beautiful backdrop of sunflowers was there –again, adding to the Insta goals. I posted a comparison photo on my grid, and it was amazing to see how much Alfie had grown in a year.

I loved all the wildflowers and did last year too. We went at such a good time as well. While the sun was out for the most part, it wasn’t particularly hot. Last summer, we visited after that really hot spell, and so, lots of the sunflowers were scorched. No such problems this time, and I wish I'd bought a bunch to take home. How can you not love sunflowers? What a way to brighten a room!

And, while sunflower season may be over for another year, it will soon be all about the pumpkin patch. I don't think a date has been set for the reopening, but it's bound to be in October and I'm sure there will be plenty of updates on Instagram soon. We will definitely book tickets – even though we don’t ‘celebrate’ Halloween, Alfie keeps saying he wants to go ‘Trick or Treating’ and will supposedly dress up as a dinosaur! It’s just a really nice afternoon out, and we bought three pumpkins/squashes last year, which fed us well!

Have you been to The Patch?

Love, Lucy xx

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