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Skincare has always been important to me, and I do try to keep to my daily routine – morning and night (easier said than done, am I right). My Christmas present from Alfie was this gorgeous mummy and baby care set from Love, Boo. A countdown kit, it contained products to treat my skin while growing bump and then looking after baby once he was here. With nine products in all, the travel sizes were a great introduction to the Love, Boo brand – and they came in a super cute (and handy) box.

My idea of relaxation is a lovely bath with a pamper and that’s exactly what I did. A squeeze of the Splendidly Soothing bath soak – with rose geranium oil, white lily & mallow – to ease my pregnancy aches and pains, and fully unwind (well as much as I could). The Silky Soft body wash – with white waterlily, mallow & avocado oil – lathered up so nicely on the sponge and had the most divine scent. After bathing, it was time to use the Soft and Creamy body smoother – which smelt exactly like baby powder… so nice! I mainly used this on my bump and my thighs to keep both feeling smooth and supple.

Luxurious body butter with nourishing ingredients for soft, smooth skin.

From 33 weeks, as recommended, I used the And… Stretch! Perineum massage oil – with sweet almond, wheatgerm and arnica oils. This isn’t something I ever used or even considered with Alfie, but it’s said to help stretch the area ready for labour, as well as help prevent tearing or any issues to the area. It was fairly easy to apply, and I tended to use it in the evening, either after a bath or just before bed, when I was at my most relaxed (well as relaxed as I can get, anyway). It was also around this time that I started using the Super Stretchy miracle oil. I’ve continued using the oil postpartum in a desperate attempt to eliminate my rather obvious stretch marks. I really need to try to use this on a daily basis. I honestly don’t remember getting them this bad the first time around.

And now onto the products for baby. If I’m being honest, I’ve only used two (out of the four) so far – the Soothing bottom butter (with cotton seed oil and chamomile, which smells incredible and is so gentle on the nappy area. A little goes a long way with this product too, so the small pot is certainly deceiving) and the Kind and Creamy baby lotion (with cotton seed oil and Tahitian monoi, which is ideal for after a bath or treating that dry skin that babies get).

a bottle of miracle oil and mummy and baby countdown kit.

I received quite a few baby bath products (Aveeno, Child’s Farm and Hipp, to name but a few brands), so I’ve not yet tried the Soft and Splashy bubbles or the Very Gently top to toe wash – maybe I’ll try them next bath time. I have no doubts they’ll be just as fantastic (and beneficial) as the other products in the gift set.

Unfortunately, since writing this post, the Love, Boo website has closed down and a quick look on their social channels indicates that the company is no longer trading – and haven’t been for a while – which is a real shame as I love the products and I’d use many of them again (especially that nappy cream). This set makes a lovely baby shower or expectant mum gift too – I really did love it!

Love, Lucy xx

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