Espa: The Sleep Experience review

Espa, Skincare, Beauty, Sleep Experience, Set,
Espa, Skincare, Beauty, Sleep Experience, Set,
Espa, Skincare, Beauty, Sleep Experience, Set,
I’ve been meaning to review this beautiful Espa gift set for ages now – especially as it was my Valentine’s Day present from Ash. The recent spa weekend reminded me I needed to sing Espa’s praises again – and there’s a reason why they’re one of my favourite skincare brands. 

The Sleep Experience set contains four products – miniatures, of course – in a gorgeous grey travel case. I’ll definitely be re-using it on my holidays, as it’s the perfect size for storing all of my travel-sized cosmetics. The set contains:
·         Bath oil (15ml)
·         Body oil (15ml)
·         Overnight hydration therapy (15ml)
·         Tri-active advanced night booster (10ml)

The bath and body oils are from their soothing range and Espa say 'restore supple, nourished skin and blissful inner calm with this deeply soothing collection'. I love anything that relaxes me, particularly at bedtime – I’ve recently started using my L’Occitane pillow mist again – and anything that improves my complexion is a winner in my book.

The oils smell fantastic and are very similar to the products used during my express facial. The bath oil sample only lasts for two baths, as it’s recommended to use half of the bottle each time, while the body oil lasts a lot longer – I think I’ll get at least six uses out of it. The almond oil in both is so nourishing; while the combination of sandalwood, rose geranium and frankincense help to unwind. 

I always use the body oil after the bath oil and not only does the scent linger on the skin; it soaks in so nicely, leaving skin soft and supple. I’m not usually a  fan of body oils as I find them too greasy (I hate the excess on my hands more than anything, especially when I’m applying baby oil to Alfie after a bath) – but this one isn’t overly oily and I love it!

I use the overnight hydration therapy alongside my Espa 24-hour replenishing eye moisturiser and it’s a great product for hydrating the skin on the face and keeping it radiant. I’ve noticed the difference in the morning, when I’ve used it – and it’s a lot better than the night cream I was previously using.

I’ve not used the night booster as much as I don’t particularly like mixing it with the hydration therapy – it leaves my skin feeling too sticky. Espa recommend mixing it with your usual night moisturiser, or serum; so I would be willing to give it another go when I change my night cream. That said, the Espa website claims the product helps improve the appearance of fine lines for a smoother complexion and is aimed at those 35 years or older – so maybe I don’t need it just yet?

So, three out of four definitely ain’t bad. I’d be inclined to buy both of the soothing oils again, as full-size versions. The product is a great introduction to Espa if you’re new to the brand, or are a fan, but yet to try the specific products in the set. On that note, I’m off to run a bath...

Love, Lucy xx 

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