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Skin, Pamper Hamper, Baby, Baby Blooms, Parenting,
Skin, Pamper Hamper, Baby, Baby Blooms, Parenting,
Skin, Pamper Hamper, Baby, Baby Blooms, Parenting,
When mum called me into the kitchen because there was a parcel waiting for me, I was surprised – not only was I not expecting anything, but I couldn’t believe Ashley had managed to keep something a surprise. For inside the box was the most beautiful mummy pamper hamper, from him... well from Alfie! It really was the most thoughtful gesture, as I’d felt pretty rubbish while in hospital and once we returned home, I was thrown in at the deep end and was adamant I would struggle! Alongside the beautiful wicker basket, packed full of goodies, was a super cute gift card: Dear Mummy, thank you for being brilliant with me. Here’s something so you may relax while Daddy takes over cuddling duties. Lots of love, Alfie xxx.

Baby Blooms is an online boutique, specialising in gifts, clothes and personalised items for babies – and mummas to be/new mummas. Ash knows how much I love my baths and relaxation, so the pamper hamper was the perfect gift. The white wicker basket is lined and can be re-used. While I’m not in my room, I’ve packed it full of toiletries and skincare products. The contents of the hamper were:

·         Bath towel embroidered with ‘mummy’
·         Candle
·         Handmade soap
·         Bath soak
·         Body lotion
·         Hand cream
·         Leg & foot cream
·         Cuticle & nail balm
·         Lip balm
·         Pair of socks

The products are all similarly scented with essential oils of ylang ylang, lavender and geranium – all associated with relaxation and stress relief – making them ideal for unwinding and ‘me’ time.
Skin, Pamper Hamper, Baby, Baby Blooms, Parenting,
Skin, Pamper Hamper, Baby, Baby Blooms, Parenting,
I always have candles in the bath and this one is strongly scented, filling the room quickly and for a long time. It mirrors the scent of the bath soak, which is also long lasting in the room and on the skin. The product froths up well, creating bubbles which last for the length of my bath – great, as I hate when you’re in the bath and sat in just water after 5-10 minutes. I found it so easy to relax. Once I was finished, I wrapped myself up in the large fluffy towel. It’s a really good size and ever so soft – think 5* hotel or luxury spa and certainly much better than the bath towels we have at home. I’m hoping it keeps its softness and want similar towels when we move.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, my skin was starting to be drier than usual and now all the excess fluid has left my body, it’s drier than ever and in such bad condition. Thankfully there are a number of products in the hamper to help prevent dryness, flakiness and keep my skin supple. The body lotion is a great consistency, rich and deeply moisturising. Similarly, I love the hand cream – my hands are actually the worst at the moment, because I’m constantly washing them. The foot cream I use daily after my bath or shower. I don’t use it on my legs as I’m still loving my favourite Clarins cooling lotion, which prevents me itching my legs and irritating them. However, the foot cream in the hamper is perfect for self-pedicure... I really need to look after my feet more.

I wish someone had told me about all the affects pregnancy has on your body – as well as the dryness, my hair is in terrible condition (it’s so lifeless, doesn’t feel as thick and looks flat) and my nails have become so brittle and simply won’t grow. My lips, too, are dry and prone to cracking – no matter how much I hydrate. Thankfully, Baby Blooms have that covered too. When it comes to my nails, I am the worst girl – I don’t look after them and I’ve never had a manicure. The nail & cuticle balm has become somewhat of a revelation to me – I love it! And once my nails have grown and become stronger, I’m definitely treating myself to a mani. The lip rescue balm is my saviour, though. It works much better than Vaseline.

How cute are the socks disguised as a rose?! There’s nothing better than revitalising tired feet by slapping on the foot cream after soaking, then putting on a pair of socks – especially when it’s done overnight! Baby Blooms have a wonderful section on their website: baby clothes bouquets. They look really spectacular and would make the most lovely gift.

And now Alfie’s been fed and put back in his Moses basket, I think it’s time for me to go and run a bath...

Love, Lucy xx

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