Indulging in Heavenly Desserts, Milton Keynes [PR Visit]

Elegant restaurant with blue walls and gold accents
I think it's well documented how much of a sweet tooth I have. I've always been a pudding person. Luckily, we're blessed to have so many dessert shops and small businesses in Milton Keynes selling sweet treats. The newest to the fold is Heavenly Desserts, located at MK1 (at the opposite end to Treat Street). I was lucky enough to be invited to the soft launch [PR Visit] and wow, what an incredible place it is – I just had to share it!

First of all, let me just mention that this isn’t an independent (although we are blessed with many in MK) and it’s a chain – but don’t let that put you off. There are around 60 shops nationwide, so be sure to check out the website to see where your nearest is – you don't want to miss out. On arrival, we were greeted by our hostess and revelled in the beautiful sounds of Athena Octavia with her electric violin. It really set the tone for a fantastic evening and added to the atmosphere… there’s such a luxe vibe. After a fabulous welcome, it wasn’t long before we were taken to our table upstairs, although there is seating on both levels.

How gorgeous is the interior, by the way? I love the notes of gold in the furnishings, the marble top tables and the sumptuous booth seating, coupled with velvet chairs. It really does set it apart from the other dessert places in the city. It’s the sort of place you could sit and relax and chat over coffee and desserts – whether it’s with friends or on a date.

We began the evening with a glass of fizz. Now it wasn't until I found out afterwards, but Heavenly Desserts is an alcohol-free venue, so we were in fact drinking pink Nosecco. I didn't notice at the time (a sign of a good non-alcoholic drink!) and only had the one glass because I was driving. While we sipped our bubbles, we tucked into some mochi and perused the menu. We were able to choose a signature drink and delicious dessert each and wow – what a choice we had. It was really hard to pick and I know I'll have to go back multiple times to try everything on the menu.

Chocolate milkshake topped with whipped cream and pink flowers

To drink, my friend had the Iced Rose Chocolate – an iced chocolate milk with rose syrup and whipped cream. It looked delicious and I’d say if you're a fan of rose, you'll love this. I had the Tiramisu Milkshake – with espresso, vanilla gelato, dark chocolate, and fresh milk. My gosh, it was absolutely incredible, like a luxurious and non-alcoholic espresso martini. It was also rich and indulgent with the addition of the cream. One of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had, that’s for sure.

A delicious milkshake topped with chocolate and whipped cream

The tasting menu had plenty of options, from croffles to French toast and even bonbons. I went for the San Sebastian cheesecake: a classic Basque baked cheesecake, with milk chocolate sauce and fresh berries. When it arrived at the table, I couldn't believe my luck. Cheesecake is one of my favourite desserts and I love a burnt Basque cheesecake. This one totally didn’t disappoint, although I found the chocolate sauce quite thick and not completely pourable – but it really went nicely with the cheesecake and the berries. I’m genuinely still dreaming about it to this day – I ate it in about three mouthfuls, and I reckon I could have eaten about seven of them.

Delicious dessert on a plate with a side of chocolate sauce

My friend had the berry French toast: sweet brioche French toast with fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, served with Madagascan vanilla gelato. There was no scrimping on the portion size here! She had three massive slices of brioche with a berry compote, plenty of fresh fruit and a scoop of ice cream which melted on the warm toast. It looked absolutely divine… you can’t beat a French toast.

A plate of French toast topped with fresh berries

Once we had finished, we were offered an additional chocolate pot. We opted to share as we were starting to feel full, and it sounded quite rich. We were right to do so, because it really was – not in a sickly way, but it was super indulgent. Thick, rich Belgian chocolate mixed with coconut cream and served with toasted coconut and raspberry sorbet. Thankfully, the raspberry cut through the chocolate and the toasted coconut was an additional texture. There's no way we could have eaten one of these each.

The staff were all fantastic throughout the evening. Our waitress was attentive without being too overbearing and she even let us know her recommendations on both drinks and desserts, having tasted the menu earlier in the week, prior to the opening. It was a wonderful evening, and I loved the whole vibe – so decadent. Let’s be honest, there’s only one word to describe the desserts and that’s heavenly!

Love, Lucy xx


*PR Visit: as I went with my friend, food and drinks were FOC. Thoughts and images are 100% my own.

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