Surviving Pregnancy with Palmer’s

When I look back at the course of my pregnancy, I consider myself so lucky – I missed out on most of the horrible symptoms. I only felt sick a couple of times (one of those was definitely because of a cranberry green tea and I’m blaming the other on travel sickness); my boobs haven’t felt heavy or sore (but they also haven’t grown... boo!); and I never got that vile metallic taste in my mouth. One thing I have noticed more recently though, I have stretch marks.

Now I may be overreacting here, but it is hell. Even from growing up and my fluctuating weight over the years, I didn’t think I had them and if I did, they certainly weren’t noticeable... Well they are now! I’ve never been 100% body confident, because of comments from other people, my love/hate relationship with food and because of my condition – and just as I was beginning to be happy, I feel like I’m taking backwards steps. Yes, I get what I’m going through is totally amazing and in my case, practically a miracle; I should love all the changes because it’s all part of the process. But at the same time, it’s like can you not?

I’ve been sleeping on my left side for as long as I can remember now, but weirdly, they’re not as prominent on that side. Thankfully, I only have a couple of problem areas and I’m sure there are people worse off than me – maybe even those who haven’t been through a pregnancy. All I can say is thank god for Palmer’s!

I have the lovely fellow blogger and mama-to-be Beky to thank for introducing me to these products. Both her blog and Insta account are my go-to sources for all things pregnancy and preparation. And as I was in need of a few holiday bits anyway, a Boots haul was on the cards – so I treated myself to these three products, all of which are now integral to my daily skincare routine.
  Palmer’s Tummy Butter
Out of the three products, this one is my favourite and is perfect for massage. If you’re using other oil-based products, definitely give this a try instead. Although it’s classed as a butter, it’s not creamy like a standard body butter, but has that light but oily consistency. Although it’s hard work removing it from the tub, it’s easy to apply, is deeply moisturising – and is particularly good if your bump is itchy. I apply this every evening, after a bath or shower and apply it in circular motions, before going on to massage for a good five minutes. Because you don’t need much, due to the oiliness, I can see this lasting for months after!
 Palmer’s Massage Cream
The Massage Cream is definitely an essential because you can use it on so many areas (hips, bump, thighs and boobs). This cream is really thick in formula, although I still apply it liberally – and more on my problem areas (hips and thighs). I use this twice a day, once in the morning and finally before I go to bed. Again, I apply this in circular motions and it doesn’t take too long to soak into the skin.

Palmer’s Bust Cream
Despite buying the Massage Cream, I felt the need to also buy the Bust Cream. Like the former, this is also a thick creamy product, but instead, it has a gel-like formula, which is really cooling on the skin – so perfect for such a sensitive area. When applied, it doesn’t completely soak into the skin and is quite sticky. The cooling effect is great for those suffering with sore or tender boobs – however I’ve been using this to prevent stretch marks appearing between now and bubba arriving. I only apply this once a day, because I use the Massage Balm more.

Have you used these products before, or do you have any other recommendations I need to use?

Love, Lucy xx

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