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I’ve not written a small business shout-out post for a while and this one is so long overdue, but I just had to share it.

You all know how much I love all things homeware and home décor – in particular, the little touches that make a house a home. Denning Designs make a gorgeous range of prints, perfect for framing, which can be purchased for all occasions (including ‘just because’), taking on bespoke commissions too.

I first heard about Denning Designs (headed up by the lovely Lu) on Instagram – my friend was sent a Christmas print and as soon as I saw it, I immediately knew I needed one too! From then, I became obsessed.

There were a few Christmas designs to choose from – the house door I’ve included below, as well as a window print and even stockings hanging (this one was super cute – I might even have to get two next time). There were a couple of colours and different versions of each to choose from, which can then be personalised with your house number and family members. Our ‘Christmas at no. 4’ print had the three of us, as well as bump, as I wanted to save the print as a keepsake for baby’s box. It was also dated to add to the precious memory. I’ll obviously update the print this year, and probably not date it, as we can then reuse it again and again (or until we move).

a person holding a picture of a door

The print is A4 in size and I ended up getting a pack of three grey frames from somewhere like Home Bargains and it was put up in our hallway. It was even used for our announcement (if you could even call it that), and I got Alfie to hold frame under the Christmas tree, while in his super cute ‘promotion’ tee.

I was then lucky enough to win one of Lu’s competitions on Instagram, with the prize being a choice of three prints. Around that time, she had revealed her ‘love milestone’ collection, which is just so lovely – and a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or anniversary (or in my case, just because). The trio of prints can also be bought as individuals (or as a collection of two, if you don’t want or need all three).

a hand holding white papers with a map in the shape of a heart

They come personalised with your names, dates and destinations of three milestones: first met, engaged and married. I had to get the ‘first met’ one amended to ‘met again’, as I genuinely don’t remember the date we first met (all I know was it was at a house party while at university)… that said, I got this print wrong by a day (it was the Sunday, not the Saturday!). Each one comes with a little map of the places you give, so super cute and personal. And yes, the other two dates are definitely correct!

I’ve got these framed (using those aforementioned grey frames) and I’m just waiting for them to be put up. I’d love them in the living room, with some of our professional wedding photos (which haven’t yet got frames). Again, the trio of prints were A4.

She also creates the most stunning birth and nursery prints, so I know what I’ll be ordering next! With Mother’s Day coming up, there’s no better time to surprise your special mum or nan – the bouquet prints are just gorgeous. You can even order party invites and some of the bespoke commissioned pieces she has taken on are so detailed and truly stunning – they certainly make unique and very special gifts. There’s honestly nothing she can’t do.

Lu was so easy to work with, sending over proofs of the designs before I was happy and paid – the turnaround times were also insane!

Order via Instagram or Etsy – if you choose the former, you can use the discount code Lu has given me: LUCY10. Keep your eyes peeled on social, as she’s often running special offers and discounts – which most of the time, can be used in conjunction with my code too.

Which print is first on your list?

Love, Lucy xx

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