Delicious Desserts at Treat Street, Milton Keynes [PR Visit]

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Desserts are my weakness, and we are blessed with so many fantastic treat shops, ice cream parlours and baked goods stands in Milton Keynes. One of our favourites is Treat Street at MK1 (AKA the football stadium). It's an independent shop, specialising in all sorts of sugary goodness: gelato, shakes, pancakes, waffles, cookie dough and so much more.

I went with my friend as we were invited to try the new menu – and boy, it did not disappoint. We actually visited back at the end of November, so not only was the Christmas tree up and the decs out in full force, but there was a really cool vibe about the place.

We were given menus and had a quick explanation of the special – Dole Whip. If you're not a Disney fan, you'll have no idea, but IYKYK. The dairy-free swirl is infused with pineapple and is just the smoothest, sweetest treat like a soft-serve sorbet. It was magic on the palate. We had the pineberry – topped with pineapple and strawberries, and it was utterly divine. Not only did we get to try it before launch, but Treat Street are one of only three vendors selling it in the UK, so if you need your fix, you know where to go!

two drinks on a table

Treat Street serve the most Instagrammable drinks – in fact, the menu even suggests which ones to get if you’re looking for that wow shot. I ordered the ‘Under the Sea’ hot chocolate: white hot chocolate with blue spirulina, whipped cream and white chocolate decoration (mermaid tail and seashell). Unfortunately, they don't sell decaf coffee yet. Post-partum, I'm returning for the ‘Dirty Mulah (pistachio latte). My friend pushed the boat out with the ‘McGregor’ hot chocolate with Baileys, chocolate orange and whipped cream – it even had a Terry's chocolate orange segment on the top. I’m sure she added an extra shot in too.

a plate of food on a table

We also got to choose an item from the menu each There's so much choice, but I always knew I'd go for a croffle (as its name suggests, a croissant/waffle hybrid) and as I couldn't have that pistachio latte, I went for the ‘Mulah Green’ croffle: pistachio sauce, white chocolate flakes, shortbread, and white chocolate sauce. OMG, it was so dreamy, and I felt like I inhaled it. As well as croffles, I could have ordered the dish as a waffle, liege waffle or pancakes instead.

a plate of pancakes on a paper

My friend ordered the ‘Biscoffia’ pancakes, topped with Biscoff spread, white chocolate flakes, shortbread, and white chocolate sauce. She also requested additional banana and strawberry. The portion size was huge – three pancakes absolutely loaded with those toppings. We both decided to accompany our dishes with soft serve ice cream, but could have chosen whipped cream, hot custard or gelato. Like I said, so much choice!

The service was fantastic throughout, from our warm welcome to the menu run through, and the efficiency of our drinks and treats being ordered, made, and then delivered to the table. It's all about the little touches and the attention to detail that you simply wouldn't find at a chain store. There's also a dedicated vegan menu.

We had such a fantastic time and when I get when I got home, Alfie was gutted we had been without him (he and his friend were both at school obviously). It’s usually our go-to if we’ve been to the cinema, or shopping/running errands late in the day. A return will definitely be on the cards at some point – maybe half term?

Love, Lucy xx


*PR Visit: as I went with my friend, food and drinks were FOC. Thoughts and images are 100% my own.

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