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On the twenty-second day of Blogmas... I’m rolling back the years with a Christmas memories post. I must have gone through about seven Facebook albums, as well as 20-something photo albums to find photos. This brought back so many memories, some good and others bad – and I actually got quite emotional writing this post. Just a little warning: some of the outfits/haircuts may be rascal.
Last Christmas was one of the best I can remember from recent years. I actually think this is the last ever photo of me with both my mum and dad, as well. We just had Christmas at home, the four of us, how it always was. Dad had been in hospital earlier in the month, so it was good to have him home and he was on good form too.
This one is from Uni – and my second year. During my second and third years, I lived in the same house and both times, I lived with three other girls. This year, we bought and decorated a fake tree, cooked a Christmas dinner, drank lots of wine and played games! One of my favourite Christmas memories is from final year, when we bought a massive frozen turkey and ended up defrosting it in the bath and near the radiator. There was always the Christmas ball as well, at the Forum!
This was the last time we spent Christmas in Madrid at my Auntie and Uncle’s. I can’t believe it was 10 years ago. We had a really lovely time and crammed so much in – we had a tour of the Bernabéu; one evening we went to see a street dance show; we spent a few hours in the mountains (where it was -7C!); and my Auntie even cooked a boneless turkey for Christmas Day dinner. I look severely ill in most of the photos from this year (not just Christmas!) but here’s my dad, my brother and I at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Boxing Day was often spent at my Nanny’s in Hullbridge. Before my cousins were born, there would be six/eight of us – and once my youngest cousin was born, she would host for 10. There would always be a buffet for lunch, plenty of presents and my Nan would wear the ‘scribble jumper’. She told me last week she no longer has it – and this actually made me SO sad. My Auntie would often make a Christmas cake as well, which always seemed a luxury to me, as we don’t have it at home.
This Christmas we went to Colne Valley Railway to Steam with Santa. Growing up, we did this a few times. Basically the train would go down a mile-long stretch of the track and Santa would come to each carriage, delivering presents for the children on board. It looks like I got a puzzle this year – but I remember another time, I got one of those plaster of Paris kits, where you paint little ornaments. We have this on video somewhere and honestly, I want to watch it now!
The sweet tree! At Christmas, my Nan would create a tree with some branches – and pin packets of sweets and chocolate to them. Robert and I would go absolutely nuts for it! Growing up, this was always one of my favourite Christmas memories, along with the ‘scribble jumper’. This always seemed like such a treat, as my dad used to tell my Nan not to give us sweets and give us fruit instead.
Obviously I remember absolutely nothing from this year, but I had to include my first Christmas. I was clearly always a fan of presents and very spoilt!

What are your favourite Christmas memories?

Love, Lucy xx

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