My Baby Shower

Have you ever been to a baby shower where the baby was actually there? That’s exactly what happened to me as my shower was planned well in advance for Saturday 30th September – two weeks before Alfie was due and of course, he was early (like his mumma). My good friend Vicky was left in charge of arrangements after I gave a list of free dates and names of guests – and even she had an inkling it would be a baby shower where the baby attended!

After liaising with my mum, we decided to have the gathering at home – perfect as I would have been 38 weeks pregnant, but even better as munchkin could stay in his Moses basket if needed and there was no chance of him being unsettled.

Vicky made the cake, which was absolutely incredible and a hit with everyone. It’s one she trialled earlier in the week and was a vanilla sponge with lemon curd butter cream, passion fruit curd and fresh raspberries. It tasted even better than it looked – and it looked spectacular, almost too good to cut... not that there were any protests when the knife finally came out! There was enough to last a couple of days, which was definitely a bonus.

My brother was in charge of decorations and he did a fabulous job. The balloons were from Gaiety, a local business where we always go for balloons. I loved the mini blue balloons inside the giant one and the glitter writing shone in the light nicely. Rob also bought all the paper bits from Selfridges: Hello World bunting, cloud & rain backdrop and the mint & white pom poms (all by Ginger Ray). He and my mum spent the night before assembling the pom poms, while I was in bed, of course. Everything else was set up in the morning as I was getting myself and munchkin ready – I wasn’t even allowed downstairs!

Mum was in charge of favours and again, did a great job! She arranged some little soap and candle goodies. The candles came from Charm in Gifts on Etsy, while she bundled the soaps up in cellophane with ribbons and printed labels for everything. She stocked up on pick n mix, so everyone could take a pot home (if they could wait that long... the boxes were opened almost immediately!) and also provided the food: finger sandwiches, lemon drizzle cake and scones with jam & clotted cream. With tea, soft drinks and fizz available, it was like an afternoon tea – which is completely up my street!

My friend Gemma was in charge of games – not that we played any... I think they were cancelled when our bundle of joy made an appearance! I’ve known Gemma since I was three, so I was so glad she could make it – even though it took her five hours to drive down from Shropshire! By the time she arrived, everyone had left; but it meant we could catch up and there wasn’t a queue for cuddles. I’ve also just realised the last time I saw her was the beginning of March, when I had no idea I was pregnant!

I was so pleased with the turnout and despite giving Vicky a guest list, I didn’t know how many people would turn up, or who! A couple of friends couldn’t make it, but luckily I saw them earlier in the week and there are a few people I’m still yet to see (including my Nan). Alfie was totally spoilt with gifts, which I won’t go into too much – but once everyone left, I felt very loved! One present I will quickly mention is the handmade frame from my brother... I’m hoping he will write a guest post about it because it really is special and so creative. I can’t wait to display it in our new house!

Both munchkin and I had such a lovely afternoon, with family and friends – although we were very tired when everyone had left. I’d like to thank Vicky for everything she did: the arrangements, the travelling, the cake, the flowers and fizz. I’d also like to thank my mum and Robert for everything they did during the day and also in the lead up to making the occasion so special. And of course, thank you to all my lovely guests who made the afternoon so wonderful and memorable.

Love, Lucy xx

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Love, Lucy xx

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