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Valentine's box of cakes and biscuits

They so often say that the most important form of love is self-love, and with that in mind – as well as the fact we don’t ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day in this house – there’s nowhere better to treat yo’self than the Game Changer Kitchen, so that’s what I did. Even though I last blogged about the Halloween treat box, I did order a Christmas afternoon tea for my mum and I to share. And it was only right I jumped on board with the next limited-edition box.

The Valentine’s Day treat box contained the following five treats:

  • Lotus cookie 
  • Valentine’s vanilla cupcake 
  • White chocolate & raspberry blondie 
  • Walnut chocolate brownie 
  • Shortbread jammy dodger

Valentine's vanilla cupcake in a treat boxWe ate the cupcake first. By we, of course I mean Alfie and me. He was genuinely so excited – he loves it when the door goes and there’s a “treats box”. When I asked him what he would like first (to share, obv), he went straight in for the cupcake. He’s quite the connoisseur now – I think he’s had three or four GCK cupcakes – and they are delicious. The sponge is always super light and soft, the buttercream and fondant combo, not too sickly sweet. Alfie said it was delicious too, and when I asked him what it tasted like, he said “icing”.

The brownies and blondies are always dreamy – and both, the perfect texture. I’ve had my fair share of mixed boxes as well as treat boxes, so I definitely know what I’m talking about. I actually think I’ve had the white chocolate & raspberry blondie before, and even though it’s super sweet, it’s totally scrumptious! The chocolate brownie with walnuts was so rich and indulgent. The middle was gooey, whilst the exterior was baked perfectly, with the crisp exterior. Random one – but I don’t think I’ve ever had a walnut brownie before! I’ll certainly be having one again though, especially if they’re this good!

And I really went all out and treated myself by having the cookie and jammy dodger shortbread in one sitting! It was just one of those days – what can I say! I think everyone knows how much I love Biscoff, so this was ideal. It was actually a white chocolate chip cookie, stuffed with Biscoff sauce/spread, as well as a drizzle over the top… so good!

Jammy dodgers are most definitely underrated when it comes to the biscuit world but imagine combining a jammy dodger with shortbread (definite god-tier biscuit) to create something next level! This was my favourite item in the box – I’ve always got to have one – and I could quite easily eat a whole box of these again. The shortbread was properly melt-in-the-mouth, sandwiched between a jam which wasn’t too sticky or sickly. It was lush. I ate it in two mouthfuls and had zero regrets. I think this will be the next item Alfie and I bake together!

The treat box was priced at £12.50, and while there aren’t any treat boxes on offer at the moment, the Game Changer Kitchen are still doing their afternoon teas. Plus, online, you can pre-order the Mother’s Day afternoon tea. Remember to keep up to date with all their updates and instalments on Instagram – have you seen that the GCK on wheels could be coming soon? I would absolutely be down for that and would let them park outside my house! Think of all that coffee and cake…

Love, Lucy xx

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