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Living Room with TV and nest of tables

This is my fourth home post and it has to be my favourite so far – it’s such a transformation and undoubtedly, the best room of the house. We always said it would be the last room we’d decorate because Alfie uses it so much. To be honest, I loved the feature wallpaper and it was only really the carpet that needed drastically replacing. But while Alfie throws food and drink over the floor, what’s the point? We decided to get a couple of items of new furniture, so I made the executive decision to just decorate it all.

I’m really pleased with how it looks – and even better that Ash did it all. So, what are the major changes? Well anyone that’s been in our living room will notice, and we’ve had a couple of lovely comments on how good it looks already, including:

  • Removing the carpet and laying laminate flooring
  • Stripping the wallpaper and painting all the walls, with an accent stripe
  • Removing the curtains and fitting blinds

It’s still a room unfinished, in the sense we will be purchasing a new three-piece suite at some point – but there’s no need to just yet. We’ve found the ones we like, and funnily enough, they're in a range called Alfie, from Next. But already we have so much space – not least because Alfie’s toys don’t take up all the space. The TV unit isn’t as deep, but the laminate is also laid in a style that accentuates the space in the room.

First up, we have a nest of tables! No more resting glasses/mugs on the radiator or the floor! Although we are hoping to get a radiator shelf too – why not? The trio nest is from Chiltern Oak Furniture and is from the same range as the TV unit. We’re also hoping to get a small bookcase in the same style, just for some more storage – although the TV unit is quite impressive (I think I fitted every Disney DVD in the cupboard space).

100 Movies scratch-off poster, framed on wall
Handmade Scrabble tile frame of family

My favourite touches are all the frames we have hanging up. My friend Katie painted this silhouette of Alfie which is just utterly gorgeous. She’s incredibly talented and paints personal photos as well as celebrities, so be sure to check out Katie Jones Art on Facebook for more information. The scrabble tile frame was made by my brother and given to me at Alfie’s baby shower. It’s also been on the wall in our living room since we moved in. Then we have our film poster on the other wall – it’s a scratch map of 100 movies – we’ve still not seen them all, but never mind!

Corner of living room with print and shelves

Our latest update is the rug and shelves. I have to say the rug completes the room, although to begin with, we had wondered whether we should’ve got the next size up. I just love the pop of colour, and it complements the walls so well. The floating shelves were a fab idea and that corner of the room just looks great! We decided to get a couple of house plants and so far, so good – they’re still alive! We repurposed our Le Creuset teapot, after the lid broke, and then bought a small pot, which goes with the décor. I finally have somewhere to burn my wax melts – and in case you’re wondering, it’s currently Little Aromas bunny butts in golden honey & milk. What to put on that top shelf though?

I think that’s it on the decorating front for the time being, although Ash did recently bring a kitchens catalogue home. We’ve had to fork out on a new oven as ours went kaput.

What do you think of our room?

Love, Lucy xx

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