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Espa Optimal Skin Experience set

Espa Optimal Skin Experience setEspa is one of my favourite skincare brands and I have to say, when I’m booking a spa break (I mean, not that I’ve done that for a while!), I’ll always check what kind of products they use. If they’re Espa, I’m definitely in! As I mentioned in my birthday post, my lovely friend Victoria not only knows how much I love Espa, but also surprised me with this gorgeous gift – the Espa Optimal Skin Experience. The set consists of four products in a really handy (and cute) travel case. The products are:
  • Optimal Skin procleanser (30ml) 
  • Hydrating Floral Spa Fresh (12ml) 
  • Optimal Skin proserum (10ml) 
  • Optimal Skin promoisturiser (15ml)

I used the products solidly for a fortnight and felt good for getting into a proper routine again. I really noticed a difference to my skin – I’m not sure if that’s because I was looking after myself, or because I was trying something new. My usual routine is just the standard three steps: cleanse, tone and moisturise, and I use a variety of Clarins products. But there’s an extra step with this set that is ideal for this time of year, and it’s so nourishing. Anybody notice that due to the cold and the use of the face mask, your skin is really dry and dull? I’ve been trying not to wear make up so much as a result, but I just feel bleugh.

Step 1 >> Cleanse

This is not only a cleanser, but also a gentle exfoliator and can also be used as a mask – although I’m yet to try it that way. I’m often sceptical of products marked 2-in-1 or 3-in-1, but to me, I think of this as just a cleanser, with the added effect of the jojoba spheres, which act as a really gentle exfoliator. By that, I mean that this is not a scrub and not a generic exfoliator by any means. A little goes a long way, and I usually gently massage it into the skin, until I feel the spheres melting – once they have dissolved, I know it’s worked. I then remove it with warm water and my muslin – which also acts as an exfoliator – and pat dry to finish.

Step 2 >> Tone

Despite being in a spray-bottle and you can use it as a spray mist, which is what I do, you can also spray this directly onto cotton pads (or whatever you use) and apply in a sweeping motion across the face. Like I say, I prefer to spray it directly onto my skin, and leave it to work its magic, soaking in to refresh the skin. If my skin is feeling dry or need of a pick-me-up mid-afternoon, I also use it as a refresher. I do have a Vitamin C spray which works in much the same way. But I love the feel of this, as it’s really light and the scent is so gentle.

Step 3 >> Nourish

Again, with the serum, a little goes a long way. I usually rub three or four drops between my palms, and cup them over my face, slowly breathing in all the essential oils – the gorgeous scents of neroli, peony and jojoba. I then apply it to my face, using my fingertips in an upwards motion, pressing down into the skin. I find the serum so light, and unlike other products, it doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. It absorbs so quickly; it doesn’t feel like an oil.

Step 4 >> Moisturise

For a moisturiser, this is quite runny – not quite on the level of a milk, but definitely a lot thinner than the consistencies of my other usual moisturisers and creams. But this didn’t bother me – it just meant I didn’t need quite as much as I’d normally use. Despite being richly moisturising, it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. The scent is beautiful, I’m getting orange blossom vibes from it. But it just glides onto my face so easily and feels really nice once applied. I love it.

Please don’t be put off by the reviews – so many people have complained they’ve lost a lot of the product when removing the lid, as they weren’t expecting the consistency to be so thin. Be careful and you’ll be fine… I’ve been using the lid contents first anyway – top tip!

Overall, like I said, I’ve noticed a difference in my skin since using the products and I’m really impressed with the set as a whole. I don’t think I had tried anything from the Optimal Skin range prior to receiving these products – but to be honest, I have never had a bad experience from Espa. I just wanted to add, that after I have finished my main routine in the daytime, I use the Espa 24-hour replenishing eye moisturiser – which is the best eye cream I have ever used – and in the evenings, I use the Tri-Active Advanced Night Booster every other night.

Love, Lucy xx

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