What I got for my birthday 2021

Espa skincare travel case
After the year we had, I didn’t really deem it appropriate to blog about Christmas 2020, and especially, not talk about presents. It’s a shame the braggers on Facebook didn’t get that memo. But I really wanted to put together a lockdown birthday series – as I had two really lovely meals – and wanted to share my birthday gifts.

I’ve always loved having a January birthday, even though it’s so close to Christmas. Growing up, it was always nice to receive gifts that I may have put on my Christmas list but didn’t get. But these days, my lists are fairly minimal. I mean my Christmas list this year was an air fryer, a day and night cream, a 2021 diary, and some beautiful half-and-half ceramic coasters. And I got the lot, so there wasn’t anything specific I really wanted or needed for my birthday.

It was on a Saturday, and it was like a standard weekend – although I didn’t do the washing. I mean, if you can’t have a day off on your birthday, when can you? But I decided to dress up for the day – wearing my new dress from Sosandar – and in the evening, we had a gorgeous set meal from Thai Home Cooking. It was also my friend Kate’s birthday and she had organised a virtual escape room – so there were eight of us (four couples) involved in that. We weren’t timed, but we did complete it.

So, here’s a selection of my gifts.


My lovely friend Victoria knows how much I love Espa – back from our spa days – and she bought me the Optimal Skin Experience set, which contains the following products in a super useful travel carry case:

  • Optimal Skin Pro Cleanser (30ml) 
  • Hydrating Floral Spa Fresh (12ml) 
  • Optimal Skin Pro Serum (10ml) 
  • Optimal Skin Pro Moisturiser (15ml)

My skincare routine has recently gone to pot, so this will definitely help to get me back on track – and hopefully improve my skin. Watch out for my review post, which will be coming soon. It was such a thoughtful gift.

Birthday gifts. A clay mask, cross stitch pattern and some vitamin tablets

Gifts from Alfie

Thanks to Alfie, I now have a new hobby. You may have seen my update on Insta of my progress. But I’m doing a cross stitch of a beautiful bumblebee. He also got me a facemask, because I love a bath and facemask combo in the evenings. I do love a clay mask too, they’re just so easy to apply and remove. I’ve already used it once but look forward to trying it a few more times to notice its effects. And finally, the Yumi tablets are great. Ash knows how often I get stomach pains, and struggle to sleep – although it has been better recently – and these probiotic gummies in the flavour strawberry yogurt are supposed to help. 

Footshots of brown boots ansd faux fur slider slippers

Clothes and Shoes

My mum bought me the gorgeous boots, pictured above. When we went on a walk at Christmas, I had borrowed her navy blue pair and instantly loved them. They were so comfy. She said she would buy me a pair, and I chose the rich tan colour. Perfect for winter walks, and easy to drive in – I love them! And the slippers were from my brother. I recently threw out my Ugg slippers (disappointed that they didn’t even last two years), so really needed some new ones. The faux fur sliders are from The White Company and are so comfy – and bonus, keep my feet so warm!

Winterwear is always a necessity and while I’ve not taken photos of these items (yet), Ash bought me some gloves and my friend Rebecca bought me a scarf. When we did the Christmas carols on the estate – socially distanced, of course – I mentioned I didn’t have a scarf or gloves anymore, and I was so cold being stood outside. I chose some lovely cashmere-lined leather gloves, which Ash got for me. And Rebecca bought me a really beautiful cream cashmere scarf from John Lewis. With all this snow, it was the most ideal gift, and it’s super soft.

My other friend Vanessa bought me a stunning bird print jumper. She made me laugh as she said she went rogue with my present. But it’s a super soft jumper in grey, with black bird print – more prominent around the neck and shoulders, but they feature all over – from M&S. I got a jumper from M&S for Christmas and the sizing is always spot-on. I actually wore it yesterday, so sent her a photo… maybe it’ll make an appearance on my grid soon.

A selection of wax melts with a rose gold burner

Mum also bought me a new wax melt burner and a selection of wax melts from Firefly, which are a small business based in Solihull. The rose gold glass burner is so stunning, although super difficult to photograph with its reflective surface. I also received wax pots in the scents Snow Fairy and Black Orchid, as well as snap bars in One Million, Apple Blossom & Sandalwood and Rhubarb & Ginger Gin. I’ve only burned the pots so far, but the scents are so long lasting (like 40+ hours) and have incredible scent throws… so I’ve bought some more products from there!

And finally, Ash bought me a new stool for my dressing table. Alfie climbed and rocked on the last one, causing it to break. But this one is beautiful – it goes so much nicer with our bedroom décor and it’s just more classic. It’s also really comfortable – ideal as I sit at my dresser in the morning and at night. I will have to get a photo soon.

I got money from Ash’s mum and my auntie and uncle and have no idea yet what I’ll buy with it. I was considering a new pair of straighteners, as I received my GHDs for my 18th birthday. They’ve served me well, but the wire casing is starting to pull away. I also got some Amazon vouchers from work for Christmas, so it could be a good shout to buy a decent pair!

Love, Lucy xx

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