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Bath, Body, Skincare, Espa, Luxury, Set, Spa
Bath, Body, Skincare, Espa, Luxury, Set, Spa

I’ve been meaning to blog this post for ages, but to be honest, I’ve really not felt inspired. I’ve never been a beauty blogger, but y’know when you’ve tried something so good, you just wanna share it. Well, here it is. I received the Espa ‘A Little Luxury Every Day Bath & Body Essentials’ gift set when I went on my spa day back in December. It was part of a special promotion, where if you spent over £40, you received a free gift. I bought the most amazing eye cream, which was worth every penny – and I could not be happier with this travel set.

Containing five 50ml products, the Bath & Body Essentials set has smaller versions of some of Espa’s best-selling products, all in gorgeous bergamot, jasmine & cedar wood scent. I am so bad at describing what things smell like, but it reminds me of spas and the high-end, luxurious products they tend to use. It’s also so calming. It’s not too floral, or citrusy, or even sweet.

The set contains a hand wash, hand lotion, foam bath, body wash and body lotion – all boxed up nicely and perfect for taking away on a weekend or short break. I quickly disposed of my box, as I set these up in the bathroom – and they look so luxe.  

I’m yet to use the hand wash, so can’t comment on that – but generally, I don’t particularly like these kinds of products, I find they dry my hands out too much – especially more than soap does. Although, if it did, the hand lotion would certainly come in handy. You don’t need a lot and it’s deeply moisturising, without the need to constantly re-apply. I love it! Similarly, the other products are also wonderful; such high quality and beautifully scented. I’ve been using the foam bath on a weekly basis and again, only a small amount is needed to create a lovely, frothy bath. Even better, the bubbles stay for the duration of my soak – as there’s nothing worse than them disappearing 10 minutes later! When I’m feeling particularly anxious or stressed, I’ve been using this, as opposed to my usual bubble bath, as the scent is so relaxing and perfect for unwinding. I’ll definitely be purchasing a full size of this, or even try out one of the bath oils as an alternative.

Like the hand lotion, the body equivalent soaks into the skin well and scent is long-lasting once applied. I usually apply this once I’ve used the foam bath or body wash and it’s great for when I struggle to sleep – I almost need a pillow oil or spray in a similar fragrance. There was only enough in the 50ml bottle for four full applications and while it’s no better or worse than my standard moisturisers, I would buy it again as a treat.

I hadn’t heard of Espa before my spa day at Whittlebury Hall and had never seen their products in other spas, hotels or even high-end/department stores. I’ll be keeping an eye out for their skincare in the future and would also love to try their candles, if there’s one in a similar scent to this set. I can’t wait for my spending ban to be over, so I can treat myself... this will end up being a splurge-and-a-half!

Love, Lucy xx

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