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Valentine's wax melt pots

I know I sound like a broken record, but every time a special event or holiday rolls around, Sarah absolutely slays it with her limited-edition ranges. I said it about the Halloween shapes and scents, and I was completely blown away by the Christmas products and Advent calendar. And tonight, I’m talking Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or loathe it, celebrate Valentine’s or Galentine’s, who doesn’t love wax melts, and who wouldn’t want to receive some of these pretties? I mean, I’m gonna be honest, I would choose wax melts over chocolates any day of the week!

At the time of writing, you have the choice of two products – sample boxes and heart seg pots. The former make the most wonderful gift – whether you are giving to someone but don’t know what kinda scents they like or would normally choose, or whether you are gifting to yourself and are as indecisive as me and fancy a mix of different scents!

But I’m talking about the heart seg pots tonight – don’t they look super cute! Dependent on the size of your burner, I recommend breaking into either six pieces (one heart) or three pieces (two hearts). They’re available in the following scents:

  • Cotton Candy Clouds 
  • Invictus
  • Love Bug 
  • Sauvage 
  • Sex on the Beach 
  • Strawberries & Fizz

I chose the following three: Love Bug, Sex on the Beach, and Strawberries & Fizz.

Wax melt heart seg pot in 'sex on the beach'

Bedroom:      Sex on the Beach

I defy you to read this section without humming or having that song by Dutch Eurodance group T-Spoon in your head for the rest of the day. I’ve been singing it since I shared this scent on my stories. And I know this goes against my usual rule of fruity scents in the home office and relaxing/calming scents in the bedroom but needs must.

First up, the scent throw on this melt is incredible – it filled the whole of my upstairs. And even though I was burning another melt in the office, this one took charge. But with this burning, if I lay in bed and close my eyes, I could quite easily be in the sun, or sipping cocktails poolside. It gives off all the summer/holiday vibes and given the current weather and situation, I’m totally down for that.

Fruity and zingy in equal measure, it actually reminds me of those limited-edition perfumes by Escada – I used to love collecting them (for the bottles, mainly). It’s just so beautiful and after a long day, is the perfect fragrance to come up to… it got me relaxing anyway!

 Wax melt heart seg pot in 'Love bug'

Kitchen:        Love Bug

This is the perfect scent for filling the kitchen, it gets rid of all those odours you don’t want, whether that’s from cooking or your bin. Love Bug is a beautiful blend of citrus fruits and weetness. It has those really zesty notes, but an after hit that’s almost-like sherbet – and it reminded me a bit of refreshers, or citrus polos… remember those?

I was intrigued by the name of this one, and I’m glad I bought it because it’s just beautiful. Not only is the scent throw incredible, it’s so long-lasting too – more so, than the others I would say. I think I might just have to stock up on this one, especially if it’s not going to be around long… snap it up while you can!

I’ve definitely been bitten by this bug!

Wax melt heart seg pot in 'Strawberries and fizz'
Living room:   Strawberries & Fizz

If you’re reading this expecting something quite strong and artificial in terms of strawberry scent, similar to strawberry bon bon, you’ll be mistaken. This takes the iconic combination of strawberries and champagnes and create the most sophisticated fragrance that you just need in your living room.

With notes of summer fruits and jasmine (amongst other florals), this is as classy as the drink – and to be honest, the only word to describe it is lush. It’s another scent that completely fills the room, it’s strong but not in an overwhelming way. If there’s one melt you need burning while you sit down for your romantic dinner for two, it’s gotta be this one!

Birthday bonanza

Just a quick side note to finish on. It was Sarah’s birthday on Sunday, and she was giving away a 10% discount on all orders. I couldn’t resist, and like I told the girls, one of my baskets is no long overflowing – so this means I’m running low… that’s what I tell myself anyway. So I thought I’d quickly share what I chose:

  • Bows in Lijiang (tried before and loved – perfect for the bedroom) 
  • Bows in Aqua Minerals & Sea Kelp (a new one for me, but it sounded so fresh) 
  • Bows in Rainy Days (recently bought this one and not burned it yet, but loved the smell) 
  • Snap bar in Exotic Blooms (how have I not had this one yet?!) 
  • Snap bar in Rose Wonderland (one of my current faves) 
  • Jelly Babies in Fresh Meadow (another fave, I also have the room spray which is incredible) 
  • Cupid Heart in Birthday Cake (not tried, but I’ll surely love it) 
  • Unicorn in Dreamy (another new one, I think – I loved the name) 
  • Unicorn in Rainbow Kiss (not tried this either, but it sounds so cute!)

If you’re a new customer, you can receive 10% off your first order by entering code NEWBIE10 at the checkout. Alternatively, there are various other discounts the more you spend – 20OFF25 being the first one. And don’t forget to join the community on Facebook.

Love, Lucy xx

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