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I know it wasn’t that long ago that I posted September’s Oh My Cakery subscription box, but I mentioned then how fantastic this box was… and it really was! Of course, being October, it had to have a Halloween theme – and the aesthetic was definitely there. But everything tasted as good as it looked, if not, better! So luckily, there were no tricks here… just all the sweet treats!

The October subscription box contained:

  • Slutty mummy brownie
  • Nutter Butter ghost blondie (PB & J)
  • Monster pie
  • Toffee apple bun (cinnamon bun with apple and toffee sauce)
  • Dead to me chocolate cake tin

a piece of cake with a peanut on top

The Nutter Butter blondie was the first to be demolished. I know I’ve said it before, but Oh My Cakery genuinely make the best blondies – the texture is unreal. This was one was swirled with jam, for the J element in PB & J. I’ve never had a Nutter Butter before – they’re an American peanut-flavoured sandwich cookie – but I definitely need one again. This was decorated to look like a ghost – more cute than scary though, and almost too good to eat!

a piece of cake on a red plate

The monster pie was epic – with its green colour, cheesecake-like filling (which was so light yet creamy) and the spooky decoration! I’m not sure exactly what flavour it was, but it was dreamy. Like most of the super-size treats, I cut this one in half, but if truth be told, I reckon I could have eaten it all in one sitting, with ease. In fact – never mind a cookie pie slice, just give me the whole thing! Surprisingly, it wasn’t too sweet.

a piece of cake with eyes and frosting

Slutty brownies – IYKYK and if you don’t, get to know! Basically, they combine brownie with cookie and Oreo for the lushest layered bake. This one was topped with melted chocolate and of course, the mummy decoration. I actually shared this with Alfie because he loves Oreos, and he enjoyed it. I mean, what’s not to love? The brownie was just perfect, so rich – but I loved it all.

The last two treats made for a yummy pudding over a few days. I love me a cinnamon bun – well actually a bun of any kind – so I was always going to love the autumnal flavours of apple, cinnamon, and toffee, which just gives off all the bonfire night vibes. And the bun was so yummy, especially heated up with some hot custard. I ate it all over two nights and had no regrets about not sharing. I did share the chocolate tin cake though. It was light and soft, and just so delicious. Again, I heated it up and it became gooey – almost like a fondant – so I served it with a scoop of mint choc chip ice cream, which went down a real treat! I do love the contrast of hot and cold in a pudding, so this really hit the spot!

The October box was a solid 10/10 in my mind – I just loved it all and ate the contents super-fast (barely sharing). I don’t want to include another spoiler, but keep your eyes peeled for November’s review… it’s another banger! It also marks my last box as I start saving as many pennies as I can for mat leave – so don’t miss that post for one last glimpse of OMC for a while!

Love, Lucy xx

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