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Oh My Cakery 'botanical blends' treat box containing five items
Here I am posting all the food and drink content… Oh look, it's another subscription box I just had to snap up. If you've not tried anything from Oh My Cakery, then Oh My You-haven't-lived! The Easter treat box was sublime, but monthly cake (and other sweet treats) delivered to your door? Er, hello – sign me up and take my money!

May marked the first Oh My Cakery subscription box which had a super-cute botanical theme – emphasised by the menu card, which actually contained wildflower seeds so it could be planted after use. I put mine in our back garden and can't wait to see what comes up.

The five treats in the ‘Botanical Blends’ box were:

  • Lemon & lavender cake with lemon curd
  • Pistachio & honey cookie, filled with subtle rose cheesecake
  • Rhubarb & elderflower crumble blondie
  • Orange & rosemary shortbread biscuit sandwich, filled with orange curd custard
  • Cracked black pepper caramel brownie with sea salt

Rhubarb & elderflower crumble brownie

Let's start with my favourite product – the crumble blondie. Look how chunky it is for starters (and ignore that bite mark, I couldn't resist)! Anything rhubarb is always a winner with me, so I knew I'd love it… and it was lush. I loved the cakey texture of the blondie, the subtleness of elderflower and the sharpness of rhubarb against the sweet crunch of the crumble top. I'm not ashamed to say I ate this in three bites!

Lemon & lavender load cake topped with lemon icing, lemon curd and edible flowers

The lemon & lavender cake really surprised me. I'd never eaten lavender before and wasn't sure what I'd think of it – given it's got quite an overpowering aroma. It really complemented the lemon flavours like a taste of summer. I loved the tanginess of the lemon, particularly the lemon curd. Alfie was a huge fan of the cake – which I cut into four – and wasn't aware until after that there was lavender in it. He had a second slice the next day, so it must have been good.

Orange and rosemary biscuit sandwich with an orange curd and custard cream filling

Just unintentionally matching my outfit to my biscuit snack – as you do. This was a next next level Jammy Dodger – top tier biscuit. Two super chunky shortbread biscuits sandwiched between orange curd and custard cream filling… so moreish. The photo doesn't do it justice, particularly the size of the biscuit. It really was exquisite.

No photos of the brownie as I was too busy demolishing it! Chocolate, salt, and caramel is like a dream combo, but the addition of pepper was so clever. Much like the salt, it added a savoury note to the brownie, but you could really feel its warmth after. I'm a big pepper fiend, so I loved it – just never would have thought of putting it in a cake or bake. The brownie was super-rich, but OMC really do make the best brownies.

Pistachio and honey cookie with a subtle rose cheesecake filling

And ending with the cookie, which was a bit of a wild card again – as rose can be a controversial flavour, and it's one that can quickly dominate. This cookie was incredible and gave me all the Persian vibes. The cheesecake filling was subtle but really creamy and indulgent. The winner for me was the pistachios. The cookie was the perfect size too and chunky like an NYC cookie.

For a first box, I was so impressed. And I can't wait to see what theme and treats Kirsty comes up with next. Spoiler alert – the box actually arrived on Friday, so I’ve started tucking in (with the help of my snacking sidekick) – and it’s good!

Love, Lucy xx

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