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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – ain’t that the truth! We have so many traditions we love to follow each year, but also love to find new things to do and places to visit. I always try and make it the most magical for Alfie, as I remember Christmas as a child and it was always very special (it’s a lot better as a parent, watching through the child’s eyes though).

Which is why I ordered Alfie the Christmas countdown set from Sweet Ophelia Designs. Loyal readers will know that Jess (the brains behind Sweet Ophelia) designed all of our wedding stationery (from save the dates and invites to centrepieces, menus, boards and name cards)… talking of which, the centrepieces were so gorge, I got a few more commissioned (and must add to our collection) and framed! As soon as I saw this set on Instagram, I knew we had to have it.

The pack had everything we needed to be ready for Christmas, and was wrapped and presented so nicely – tied with a white bow. Alfie received a personalised letter from Santa, a countdown chart with some naughty (red) and nice (green) stickers, as well as a Christmas wish list, an addressed envelope and ‘official’ north pole wax seal, so that he could post his letter to Santa.

a calendar with numbers on it

Alfie loved reading his letter, which he did first before getting excited over the stickers. I put the chart up in the kitchen next to his Advent calendar prior to it being December 1st and he was very keen to put the stickers on before the date itself. I joked that there probably weren’t enough naughty ones (10 naughty and 24 nice, although I can’t imagine any child has a fully green chart). We also said that 3 naughty stickers would mean fewer presents and 5 would be no presents at all – after all, Santa has been watching carefully, as we don’t have the elf (thank God)! He really enjoys putting the stickers on the chart at the end of the day… although he’s got two naughty ones so far…

Alfie wrote his Christmas list ages ago – mainly things from the Smyths catalogue or that he’d seen on adverts on TV and YouTube – but I got him to re-write it, ready for posting. The card was quite small, so he wrote a couple of items and then gave up, so I was roped into finishing it. We had intended on sending it during our trip to Lillingstone (coming soon), but forgot, so ended up just posting it locally.

I’d seen online that the cut-off date was November 30th to receive a reply, which was the date we’d posted it. So I told Alfie that he might not get a reply because Santa is very busy, not only replying to all the children’s letters (he must receive millions) but doing all the prep for Christmas Eve – but to know that Santa has his letter and if he’s a good boy, he’ll receive the presents he’s asked so nicely for.

*Edit* We received a reply today (Wednesday 20th) and Alfie was so excited – not least because it was addressed to ‘Santa’s Friend’, and he loved that.

a group of letter papers and envelopes

The countdown to Christmas pack from Sweet Ophelia Designs was £12.50 which was great value for everything we received – all handmade with a real attention to detail. I hope that Jess is selling these (or similar) next year, as I’ll definitely be ordering again (times two). It can become one of our traditions (for as long as Alfie believes anyway). Check out Jess’ website and Etsy store for all things wedding, stationery, personalised and gifting – but know that she’s out of office for Christmas and New Year, returning on January 2nd.

Love, Lucy xx

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