Oh My Cakery | June’s Subscription Box

Oh My Cakery subscription box filled with cake and sweet treats
After the first ever Oh my Cakery subscription box was a solid 10 out of 10 and set the bar super high – as well as featuring on here – I just had to write about the follow up: June's subscription box. I don't think this one really had a theme, although it did contain a lot of new products. I was really looking forward to it given how much I loved the last and there were some unique treats included.

The five treats in this box were:

  • Brown sugar pudding cake pot
  • Reese’s overload bar
  • Big Daddy Biscoff brownie bar
  • Cookie swirl cinnamon bun
  • The Lasso Way shortbread

Square of shortbread held against a corkboardLet's start with the shortbread, which I devoured first before storing everything else in the fridge (seems a long time since that mini heatwave though). OH MY GOSH – I've never watched Ted Lasso nor have any idea who he is – but the shortbread was insane… Super buttery, melt-in-the-mouth delicious! So, SO good… I think I rammed it down my neck in about two bites and could honestly have eaten a whole tray of it with zero regrets.

Reese's Overload bar inspired bake with lots of thick layers
Inspired by the Reese’s Overload bar, the Oh My Cakery take was super-sized and super delicious. With a Reese’s and pretzel base, and peanut caramel topped with milk chocolate, there were plenty of layers and plenty of crunch. I shared this bar with Alfie, and he loved it. I definitely couldn’t have eaten it all by myself, and certainly not in one sitting – it was pretty huge. Any PB or Reese’s lovers would have devoured it a lot quicker than I did (it was pretty rich but still so enjoyable).

Big Daddy Biscoff Brownie slab with lots of thick layersAnd talking of layered-up huge treats – check out the layers in the Big Daddy Biscoff brownie. It starts off with a cookie base, followed by a layer of Biscoff spread and biscuits, then OMC signature brownie and caramel, topped off with milk chocolate and you guessed it, Biscoff (chocolate). Again, it was super tasty, but I definitely couldn't have managed it all. That caramel was thicc!

I absolutely love cinnamon whirls and cinnamon buns…. And I'm pretty partial to a cookie too. So, imagine my surprise when, Oh My Cakery combined the two to create the cinnamon cookie swirl. Completely inspired, gorgeously glazed and covered with sprinkles, it tasted as good as it looked. As you’d expect, it was cookie dough, swirled with cinnamon bun. I cut it in half and it was a surprise as to whether you'd get a piece of bun or a bite of cookie next. I loved the middle, which was pure cookie goodness (but very sweet).

And finally, we had the pudding pot, which was a brown sugar sponge soaked in caramel sauce with a custard layer and topped with marshmallow Fluff. Super sweet and decadent – and topped with gold sprinkles. It looked divine – and tasted it too. At first, I thought the Fluff was soft meringue, and the flavours in the sponge really reminded me of something… but I still can’t figure out what. Again, there's no way I could have eaten it all in one sitting, even being the greedy pig that I am. It kept well in the fridge and tasted fine the next day… and the next! Yep, three pudding Luce.

As you can see, all five products were pretty EPIC. Certainly not for the faint hearted – and it's a good job I've got a sweet tooth. Which was my favourite? It’s tough one, but I think I’d have to say the shortbread... I’m a sucker for shortbread and this really was divine. I need me some more!

I saw on Instagram yesterday that the July subscription box will be out this week and I’ve also had my email confirmation. Spoiler alert – it's a mixture of blondies and brownies which I can't wait to try. If you haven’t subscribed, there are a small number available to purchase, so visit the Oh My Cakery website for more details.

Love, Lucy xx

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