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The eagle-eyed among you will notice that I didn’t review the August subscription box… I did receive it, but I forgot to photograph it and I’m sure I got it two days before our holiday, so I had to scoff some and refrigerate/freeze the rest for when we got back!

Anyway, let’s move on… tonight I’m sharing the contents of the September subscription box. This one didn’t have a theme as such, but it was so darn tasty, I think I would name it the “most delicious sweet treats” box! Although – and spoiler alert! – October’s box was an absolute belter (my favourite box since I-don’t-know-when) … so keep your eyes peeled for that post, that will hopefully come soon!

The contents of the September box included:

  • Nutella cheesecake pot
  • Milk chocolate brookie slice
  • Caramel apple cake pot, topped with Fluff
  • Mars Rice Krispies slice
  • Caramel brownie sandwich with Fluff

Wow, where do I start?

a brown cookie with white frosting on a purple cutting board

Well, I tucked straight into the brownie sandwich, which was divine – the Fluff just oozed out of the sides and the texture of the brownie was lush… there was a slight chewy crust to the exterior like a cookie, with the softest and most chocolatey interior! As always, I cut it in half and I’m sure I shared it with Alfie – who most likely loved it!

The Nutella cheesecake was topped with a Ferrero Rocher for extra chocolate nuttiness. It was very rich and indulgent – and the pot was so deep, each layer was super-thick, especially the cheese-element. I think it took me three sittings to eat the whole pot, but it was delicious – I do love a cheesecake!

The layers in that milk chocolate brookie slice – wow! I could have quite easily demolished the whole slice and spent the rest of the day deep in a sugar coma, but I actually think I cut it into four, sharing half with Alfie. A portion of brownie in the middle, with caramel either side and then cookie either side of that. Oh My Cakery treats are always super-sized so great value for money and make the loveliest treats… you do really feel like you’re treating yourself!

a brown and white food on a red plate

Talking of which, the Mars Rice Krispies slice was absolutely divine, but to me, it tasted more like a Snickers bar… I could really taste peanuts in it. It did look like a Mars (with the addition of Rice Krispies), with two layers – one of caramel, and one like a sticky and very sweet nougat (almost like a fondant). I have to say, I think this was my favourite product in the whole box… the flavours were just sensational, and I loved the combination of the chewy, crunchy and soft elements. I’d 100% buy this again!

And finally, we have the caramel apple cake pot, which was topped with a thick layer of Fluff and rainbow sprinkles. This was quite a sweet pudding which took me multiple sittings to finish, as it was so indulgent – think a thick layer of caramel apples, with a sweet sponge, and then that marshmallow topping. It really gave me all the autumn feels and made me want to have a toffee apple!

The boxes are priced at £20 which is so reasonable for such tasty handmade goodies! I think I saw on Instagram that November’s box will be arriving soon and there may be some spares, so if you’ve not subscribed, I’d definitely message or show an interest when the box is advertised online… you’ll be in for a treat, for sure!

Love, Lucy xx

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