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Another small business shout out tonight and one I’m super excited to share, because as the title suggests, it involves cake! Yes, throughout lockdown, cake has always been there – with more and more home bakers churning out brownies and cupcakes. But let me tell you now, there’s nothing quite like Cake Smash!

And things don’t get much better than this! If there was ever anything better than cake, it’s smashed cake. Smashed cake topped with buttercream and a whole variety of toppings including chocolate and biscuits. In small 4oz tubs, so you can absolutely have your cake and eat it. And not feel so guilty. Now I’m not saying they are guilt-free, but the sponge is super light and it’s not as naughty as having a whole wedge of cake.

Also, if you needed another incentive to try as many flavours as possible, like me, you’re in luck. It’s free delivery on orders over £20, and when each pot is approximately £3-3.50, well why not treat yourself? There’s even a loyalty programme to get involved in too, and not only do you earn points on every order, but you receive them for liking/following the social channels. But let’s cut to the chase. Which flavours did I choose, and more importantly, what were my thoughts?

Biscoff Cake pot

What’s your flavour?


  • Lotus Celebrate 
  • That’s my Jam

Easter – Limited Edition

  • Eggcellent 
  • Enchanted 
  • Hoppy Easter 
  • Spring Zest

Tell me more, tell me more…

Lotus Celebrate: vanilla smashed sponge, crunchy Biscoff and white chocolate topping, and whole Lotus biscuit

A Biscoff lover’s dream! I absolutely adored this pot. The sponge was so light and soft, and the topping wasn’t too rich. Bonus – the biscuit was still crunchy. It was quite possibly my favourite. I kinda regret only buying one of this flavour but would add it to my list again next time.

That’s my Jam: vanilla smashed sponge, raspberry coulis, and a jam ring biscuit

Jammy rings, or jam & cream biscuits, whatever you wanna call them, are one of the most underrated biscuits – don’t @ me. And this was just unreal. Like an upgraded Victoria sponge, but definitely better as the VS is a bit basic for me. The biscuit had gone soft, but that wasn’t an issue.

Eggcellent: chocolate smashed sponge, chocolate buttercream and mini mini eggs

It absolutely lived up to its name. I loved the ultra mini mini eggs, so cute and so many of them! I heated this one up in the microwave and the eggs of course melted, into a molten delight. This was amongst my favourites. Shame it’s limited edition, but it could be replicated with Smarties.

Enchanted: chocolate smashed sponge, chocolate buttercream, Galaxy enchanted eggs, and pink edible glitter

This pot had it all: chocolate, rose gold and glitter. Of the products I tried, this was the richest and most indulgent, but omg, it was worth it. The website says best eaten at room temperature, but I wish I had blitzed in the microwave.

Hoppy Easter: chocolate smashed sponge, chocolate buttercream, smashed Maltesers, and a mini Maltesers bunny

Wow. The microwave really is a gamechanger when it comes to Cake Smash. I blitzed this one for 30 seconds with the lid off, before leaving for a minute. The Maltesers and bunny were beautiful. And it wasn’t too rich.

Spring Zest: vanilla smashed sponge with lemon curd centre, lemon buttercream, smashed white chocolate shards, Milkybar mini eggs, and sherbet lemon drizzle

Probably the sweetest of the lot, but it gave off all the spring vibes. The drizzle was absolutely divine (I need to get my hands on it), but I really loved the lemon curd centre. Adding a really zesty zing, it was beautiful mixed in the sponge, alongside the chocolate.

Eggcellent Cake Smash pot
You can read on the website how to eat each pot – definitely follow this advice. The Biscoff has mixed opinions but trust me, warm it up! And do the same for Enchanted too!

The pots were incredible, and while they were a treat, like I said, I didn’t feel naughty for indulging – like I would with other snacks. I just can’t wait to see which flavours are next, and if there will be any more limited-edition ranges. I saw on Instagram that cocktail-inspired creations may be on the horizon – and I would be so down for that. Make sure you’re following for all the latest product updates and reveals. You don’t want FOMO.

Highly, highly recommend – it’s time to get smashed!

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. Ah Lucy thank you SOOOO much for such a wonderful review!! Really glad you enjoyed them and I'll send over a discount code to say thank you for spending so much time writing this up. Next time the cakes are on us �� xxx


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