Sweet treats: mars cornflake & special recipe rice krispie cakes

A couple of weeks ago I baked some tasty treats for the office at work and ever since, I have been meaning to blog the recipes, so after long last, here they are!
Mars cornflake cakes – makes 16
·       5 mars bars, chopped (I used 12 fun size mars)
·       100g butter
·       100g cornflakes (I added an extra handful halfway through the process)
·       50g plain chocolate (optional, for decoration – I used 4 mini mars chopped into quarters)
·       Line a tin with greaseproof paper or grease with butter and put aside
·       Melt the butter and mars bars in a bain-marie and stir until smooth. The mixture may look like it’s curdling and the nougat may cause lumps but persevere and use a whisk, if necessary
·       Remove from the heat and fold in the cornflakes, until fully coated in the chocolate mixture
·       Spoon into the tin, pressing down to form a smooth layer and leave to set
·       To decorate, either melt the chocolate and drizzle it over the top, or like me, top each piece with a slither of mars bar
·       Cut into squares and enjoy
Moreish rice krispie bites – makes 16
·       100g wrapped or slab toffee
·       100g marshmallows
·       100g butter
·       100g rice krispies
·       Line a tin with greaseproof paper or grease with butter and put aside
·       If you’re using slab toffee, place in a bag and bash with a rolling pin
·       Put the toffee, marshmallow and butter in a saucepan and gently melt
·       Remove from the heat and add the rice krispies, folding until fully covered
·       Spoon into the tin, pressing gently with the back of a spoon. Leave to set
·       Cut into squares and enjoy
Simple but incredibly tasty, happy baking!

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