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Treat Box containing American themed cakes and biscuits
It’s been a while since I ate some cake/sweet treats and blogged about it – so here we are! I’ve followed Oh My Cakery on Instagram for what seems like forever… well since I moved to MK anyway! But I’ve always been slow off the mark in ordering the limited edition treat boxes – until now! In fact, I’ve been pretty luck lately – I managed to bag a cake slice treat box at the end of May, which was insane, and now I’ve tried the American Treat Box, which is what I’m talking about tonight. It was totally a bit of me and last night I finally finished the choc block.
Flyer explaining American themed treats, including brownies and blondies
The box is priced at £25 – and still available online – with £2.50 delivery charge. The box contained six delicious treats which fit the theme perfectly, and I’ll talk about them in a moment. But let’s mention the packaging first. Each item was carefully wrapped and arrived in great condition – even the cake and its frosting weren’t squashed! But look at that beautiful card. One side listed all the products in the box and the other side (which I didn’t notice straight away) had all the ingredients and allergen information. But how cute are all the graphics? It’s such a beautiful and striking design and just added to the Taste of the States theme of the box.

Right, let’s talk sweet treats! The American Treat Box contained:
  • Cookies & Cream Cake Slice: vanilla bean & crushed Oreo sponge, with Oreo frosting
Kirsty is absolutely the Queen of Cake! Having now sampled seven different varieties, I feel like I’m in the right place to confirm this. Such a light sponge, it’s almost heavenly. But that creamy Oreo icing is incredible – and not too sickly sweet!
Cherry pie pocket - similar to a Pop Tart
  • Cherry Pie Pocket: sweet pastry, baked with a cherry jam filling and topped with icing and sprinkles
Pop Tarts – eat yo’ heart out! I had this for breakfast because I’m reckless – and not even ashamed! It was amazing. I have to add, I didn’t put it in the toaster and ate it straight out the packet, so I would be interested to know if it toasts? The filling was so rich and fruity but check out that topping – who doesn’t love sprinkles?!
Chocolate brownie, topped with edible raw cookie dough, mixed with funfetti
  • Funfetti Cookie Dough Brownie: fudgy brownie, topped with edible raw cookie dough, mixed with funfetti
Look how big that brownie is! And it was really fudgy, without being too gooey or dense, but boy was it rich! I actually couldn’t manage it all and gave Alfie the tiniest corner. It was hit with him, so must’ve been good! But I managed all the cookie dough… I don’t think I’ve ever actually had it before, but it was gooood! Eventually, I ate both elements separately and even now I’m still thinking about the pretty funfetti.
cinnamon swirled blondie, baked with cheesecake and cinnamon oat crunch
  • Cinnamon Oat Crunch Cheesecake Blondie: cinnamon swirled blondie, baked with cheesecake and cinnamon oat crunch
This was my absolute favourite of all the treats. Combining all my favourite things: oats, cinnamon, cheesecake and blondie (and to think I’ve only discovered blondies during lockdown!) – it was so lush! The blondie was the perfect texture and baked just right, but the cheesecake top made it, it was delicious. No complaints on portion size, either!
  • S’mores Cookie Sandwich: 2 chocolate chip cookies, filled with a Nutella and homemade vegetarian marshmallow Fluff
I’d seen and heard everyone raving about OMC cookies and they weren’t wrong – they are most certainly worthy of the hype. Proper American cookies, soft and chewy and so moreish. But that filling – and the homemade marshmallow Fluff! Wow! This was such an indulgent treat and yes, I did feel naughty after I devoured the whole lot.
  • PB&J Choc Block: milk chocolate block, filled with peanut butter and raspberry jam
I finally found my sense of control, as I limited myself to two squares per sitting, and actually that was just enough to get a sugar hit. I’m still in awe of this creation, just the execution of the chocolate and getting that mix of PB&J spot-on. I love my chocolate from the fridge, and I don’t know if it was supposed to go in there or not, but ah well. The chocolate was smooth and light, and had a bubbly texture, not too dissimilar from an Aero or Wispa.

The American Treat Box is still available on the website and good news – there’s now a vegan alternative! But bad news, the GF box is no longer available. A big thank you to Kirsty for satisfying my sweet tooth – I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!

Love, Lucy xx

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