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June's Little Hands Learning box contents

“A monthly subscription box, inspired by the magic of books.”

Another month has gone by, which means another Little Hands Learning box review. June's box had a really lovely theme – all about love, acceptance, and inclusion – it was the Amazing Me box and it proved to be the perfect little pick me up.

Inspired by the folk song turned book Everything Possible by Fred Small (the book is illustrated by Alison Brown), it's all about celebrating yourself, loving yourself and knowing you can be whatever you want to be – as well as having the confidence to do so. As with previous Nosy Crow books, this had a QR code to scan to hear the book read, as well as have the option to hear the song performed.

The activities in the Amazing Me box were:

  • Create a love box
  • Design your own chalk pastel heart artwork
  • Craft suncatchers
  • Plant and grow forget-me-nots
Boy creating chalk pastel heart picture on black card

I Heart You

The exploding heart activity was the first one we got stuck into. The set of chalk pastels were fantastic and there were two sheets of black sugar card and two different size hearts to experiment with – so we took one each. Alfie didn't really get it at first, so I showed him how it was done, and he happily chose the colours he wanted and ended up producing a great piece of artwork. I turned mine into a card and will be sending it soon. Once we'd finished, I sprayed them with hairspray so the chalk wouldn’t smudge. Now that we have the templates and chalk pastels, we’ll definitely do this activity again.

Boy writing on heart-shaped post-it notes, sat on a picnic bench

You are Clever. You are Amazing

One of the things I love most about Little Hands Learning boxes is all the positive messages and affirmations they instil and promote. The love box was a great idea at following that theme. I got Alfie to write down some of the reasons he loves himself and he said because he is kind, because he is silly, because he plays with me, and because he likes to pick flowers (he always stops to get a daisy for me on the way home from school and I say that it makes me smile). I think he struggled to begin with (I mean, I think I would struggle with it too!), so I suggested doing it together – and I wrote down some of the reasons why I love him, so that he can find them in his love box if he's feeling sad or having a bad day.

Black card suncatchers with coloured tissue paper flat lay

Chasing the Sun

Alfie loved creating the sun catchers, choosing the coloured tissue paper, and sticking it on the templates He also loved making a mess with the glue (always supplied in the boxes), spreading it onto the silhouettes. I told him I would stick them somewhere so that we could see them a lot – and they're on the back door. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, either eating, playing, or dancing along to Alexa, so really enjoy seeing the colours shine in the sun.

We've also planted our forget-me-nots, and this is a reminder to myself to check how they're doing – as well as the willow tree from April’s Tree box. We finally dug up the potatoes from March’s Pet box and they were delicious. I diced some up and created a breakfast hash for lunch (with mushrooms, tomatoes, and chicken sausages), while Alfie has the smaller ones roasted with sausages and baked beans.

July's box has arrived and spoiler alert – it's got a dragon theme. The book is fantastic (we’ve already read it) and we can't wait to get stuck into the activities. Head to my Instagram grid or Facebook page to see the contents unboxed (have I found my calling as a voiceover artist?).

And, of course, if you want to buy a Little Hands Learning box for yourself or as a gift –whether that's a one-off box or a subscription – you can use my code LUCYLOCKET to get a discount.

Love, Lucy xx

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