Easter Treats from Oh My Cakery

Oh My Cakery Easter treat box, filled with five different bakes

They say good things come in threes, and this is the third and final post in my ‘Easter Treats’ series. Trust me, it’s a good one.

It's been a while since MK-based Oh My Cakery featured on my blog, and you will know I'm a sucker for a themed or seasonal box of treats. So, I needed the OMC Easter box. It looked insane on Instagram and in reality, it was even better.

I ordered for collection on Good Friday, which also meant a visit to the trailer – an absolute must! There was a queue when I arrived, but it gave me a chance to check out the goodies on sale.

Two portions of croffle (a croissant and waffle hybrid) with two pots of caramel dipping sauce

The croffles were insane – I ordered one of each (cookie-filled and brownie-filled). In case you're wondering, they're a tasty croissant/waffle hybrid, so a pastry cooked in a waffle press and then coated in cinnamon sugar like churros. They also come with a pot of indulgent dipping sauce – I requested Biscoff, but it was more like butterscotch or toffee… still tasty though!  

I also got a piece of the cherry pie-filled cheesecake which was dreamy. I love a baked cheesecake. In fact, OMC do the best burnt Basque cheesecake I think I've ever eaten. I could have honestly bought everything from the trailer. There was so much choice and it all looked delicious. If you've not had OMC treats before, you've not lived. And if I've not sold it to you yet, get yourself down to the trailer to find out for yourself. I promise you won't regret it!

*HOLD UP* I’ve got seriously side-tracked here, so back to Easter!

The Easter box contained five different treats:

  • Lemon drizzle cake
  • Hot cross bun cookie
  • Caramel nest bar
  • Creme Egg brownie.
  • Kinder style cheesecake egg

As always, the box was beautifully presented with the items individually wrapped and each bake was a decent size. Where do I start? Let's go in the order I WE ate them in…

Lemon drizzle loaf cake, topped with yellow icing and YOU ARE EGGSTRAORDINARY written on it

The lemon drizzle was exactly what it said on the cake – EGG-STRA-ORDINARY and so lemony. A sour lemon drizzle is my favourite (you’ve gotta have that zing) and the sponge was so light. I managed to cut this into four portions to share and loved the decoration with the added touch of the fried egg sweets on top.

The hot cross bun cookie really did taste like a hot cross bun – the spices, the currants, the softness. It was the perfect cookie texture, with a bit of chew. It was so nice; I think I demolished it in three bites.

The Creme Egg brownie was topped with half an egg and covered in that famous drizzle but wasn’t as sweet as eating a whole Creme Egg. Oh My Cakery brownies are always divine – I've even ordered the personalised ones for friends in the past – and this was no different… so rich and fudgy.

Square of caramel nest bar, topped with chocolate and crushed Mini Eggs

How chunky is the caramel nest bar?! Not only a super thick chocolate nest, but then a layer of creamy caramel and chocolate, topped with crushed Mini Eggs. Perfect for any chocoholics, I couldn't eat it all in one sitting (half was definitely enough).

And saving the best until last… that cheesecake egg was a thing of beauty. It looked incredible and tasted insane – and was so indulgent, topped with a white Maltesers Bunny. I have to say it tasted more like cheesecake than Kinder, but I'm not complaining. The mix was so light, and creamy, and tasty, with the softest biscuit crumb… and of course, the Easter egg shell! I didn’t know whether it was meant to be eaten with a fork or spoon like a cheesecake, but I just bit into it! Mmm…

I definitely need to visit the trailer more often – maybe a croffles brunch will be on the cards one weekend, especially as there were some benches around the corner!

Love, Lucy xx

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