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Wine mantra written on a cardboard box

Hi, I'm Lucy – and two facts about me:

  1. I love a subscription; and
  2. I love wine.

So, signing up to Good Pair Days was always a bit of a no-brainer.

I have to say, I’d seen Good Pair Days advertised on Instagram a fair bit, but I was quickly sold by the offer of a free cheeseboard wine cooler for new customers – worth £50 (or 2,000 points once you are a member). I subscribed to three bottles (£35 including postage) – and spoiler alert. I was so impressed, I've upgraded to four bottles per month (£40 with free delivery).

Each box comes with ‘A Guide To…’ card. The first was ‘A Guide to Tasting the Structure of Wine’ – and explained things such as the sweetness, acidity, body, alcohol, and tannins of wine. I have to say, it was really interesting, and I learned a lot – like who knew that sweetness in wine could be masked by acidity? There are six cards to collect, and I can't wait to learn more about the different wines as I go.

I was also really impressed by the Tasting Notes cards which went with each bottle. Not only did these explain the grape types, their origins, and some key facts, but there were tasting notes on the profile of the wine. The cards were double-sided, and, on the reverse, there were even food pairing suggestions and recipes which I loved – great for some meal inspiration or even to pair with a future similar wine. The cards also had QR codes which when scanned, could earn you points (to be redeemed on GPD merch), more recipe ideas and the option to rate, review and do a guided tasting to receive more points on your account.

Three bottles of wine - one white, one rose and one sparkling

But let's get into the wine!

For my first box I selected one bottle of white, one rosé and one sparkling to keep my options open and then decide what I’d choose next time. You can choose how many bottles of each colour you'd like, as well as your budget (£10-30 per bottle). I went for the £10 option. Once you've tasted enough wines, you can also unlock your taste profile so you can remove any grape varieties you don't want to try… Chardonnay, I'm looking at you!

Wine #1: Chenin Blanc

Wild House – Franschhoek, South Africa

I loved that even from the first box, my eyes were already opened further – as I'm usually a Pinot or Savvy B kinda girl. I don't think I'd ever pick up a bottle of Chenin Blanc in the shop or order it in a restaurant. This wine was crisp and fresh with citrus notes, alongside peach and white nectarine.

The food pairing was Cantonese style prawns which sounds delish, I opened this bottle on a warm weekend as an aperitif – later pairing it with a tasty homemade chorizo, chicken & leek pie, which went well. This wine would be the perfect choice for a BBQ or garden party, and I'll definitely be buying another bottle.

Wine #2: Prosecco

Domenico de Bertiol ‘Spagorosso’ – Veneto, Italy

Did you know there's a small village in Italy called Prosecco? I used to be the Prosecco Princess and I knew I'd love this sparkling wine… I wasn't wrong! Lightly sparkling, leaving a fizz on the tongue and incredibly drinkable – with or without food.

I paired mine with our Coronation Afternoon Tea and you can't beat a High Tea, so of course it went well – especially with the lemonade scones. The food pairing recommendation was a smoked mackerel salad with radish and baby potatoes, which also sounds divine – and another dish I must try at home. The fruits in this fizz were green apples and pears, adding a crispness as it was a dry wine.

A glass of Prosecco next to the bottle

Wine #3: Rosé

Jean-Paul – Gascony, France

Rosé, Rosado or whatever you call it – this was a dry, light, and fruity number with citrus and melon the key fruits. Again, it was very drinkable and would be gorgeous used in a frosé, especially in this weather!

I honestly can't remember when I drank this now or what I paired it with, but the suggestion is a fresh Bistro salad with goat’s cheese, streaky bacon, and toasted sourdough – which again sounds right up my street and totally lush. I'd say that this wine would make a good session drink and it's in the low bracket (9-11%) in terms of alcohol.

Which is my favourite? I don't think I could choose, and I certainly buy them all again. The Chenin Blanc was a bit of a wild card, but I really enjoyed it.

My next box is here and I'm looking forward to trying some new wines. Note to self: stick a bottle in the fridge. I’m also looking forward to earning more points as I educate myself on wine further. I have my eyes on so many Good Pair Days goodies!

If you’d like to join Good Pair Days, use my code CHILI549, or follow this link – and you’ll receive a free cheeseboard cooler with your first order too – ideal for a picnic, party, or summer social!

Until next month…

Love, Lucy xx

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