Easter Treats from POM Brownies

POM brownie egg in a gift box

I hope you're prepared for all the Easter treats posts, because there are a lot of them. Let’s kick things off with the POM Brownies Easter range.

I have followed POM Brownies on Instagram for over 4 years now and I've never been fortunate enough to get my hands on the goods. Every time I've gone to purchase, they've always sold out, and if that doesn't prove how good and popular they are, I don't know what will.

I was absolutely gutted to read that after Easter, there would be no more POM, so I made it my mission to get an order in. There were three products in the Easter Range and my first choice – the mixed box of 6 – sold out very quickly. It was released again after I had placed my order and continued to sell out multiple times. That was definitely my sign, it wasn't meant to be. But I did manage to buy the other two treats on offer – and they were 100% worth the wait!

Half an easter egg filled with brownie and salted caramel

I ordered the POM egg – half a Cadbury egg, filled with POM brownie and sea salted caramel, topped with chocolate, a chocolate egg splat, and Mini Eggs. Yes, it was as dreamy as it sounds. I cut it in half and shared with Alfie because sharing is caring – and it got his seal of approval too. It was almost too pretty to eat, but I got stuck right in. I loved the richness of the salted caramel, it complemented the brownie so well. The brownie was delicious too – really chocolatey!

Three different brownie scotch eggs cut into pieces on a plate

I also went and ordered the trio of Easter Scotch eggs, and nothing could have prepared me for the sheer size of them. I'd say they were bigger than a regular Scotch egg, and they were definitely heavier. The three flavours were:

  • Brownie covered Creme Egg with custard cream crumb
  • Brownie covered Caramel Egg with Biscoff crumb
  • Blondie covered Oreo egg with Oreo crumb

I took these to mum’s house on Easter Sunday and I ended up slicing each one into six, so everyone could have a try. This was definitely a good move, as I think even I would have struggled to eat half an egg in one sitting. Plus, I wanted to try them all… and they were delicious! I loved them all, but I have to add, they were super rich, sweet, and indulgent. We just ate them as they came, which was room temperature – but word on the street is to microwave them with a touch of ice cream for a truly decadent treat. I don't think I could have managed that – even with my sweet tooth!

I also couldn’t pick a favourite, I enjoyed them all. And they went down a treat, too! Sadly, I wish I’d taken some before photos, or even some of the eggs cut in half, as once I’d sliced them up, they definitely didn’t have the same impact – or look as pretty!

I’m so glad I managed to finally try POM Brownies, although I’ll always wish I’d tried a mixed box – I’ve been scrolling through the ‘gram to have a look and don’t you agree, they look stunning?

Love, Lucy xx

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