Little Aromas | March 2023 Haul

Wax melt haul spread out on the bed, with different shapes including unicorns, butterflies, turtles and hearts

Tell me you’ve got a wax melt addiction, without telling me you’ve got a wax melt addiction… I’ll go first!

It’s been nearly three years to the day that I placed my first Little Aromas order and I honestly couldn’t tell you how many I’ve placed since then (it must be more than 30 orders!). Sarah recently had a sale on, and despite my stash (I should probably share this soon…), I had to place an order – especially as there were some new scents I was unable to buy on her previous re-stock.

What I love most about Little Aromas is how strong and long-lasting the scents are. My house is always smelling divine, and I actually receive compliments from guests and delivery drivers (and the postman!) – I always have to say it’s my melts from Little Aromas.

Three packets of wax melt geometric hearts in three different colours

Back to the haul. As I mentioned, there was a restock not too long ago, and I’ve yet to delve into that bag so I actually found I got quite a few of the same scents this time around, as well as some of my favourites. So, what did I get?

  • An imperfections bag (containing a Cherry Fairy Castle, Washed in Honey Mermaid Bar and Ghost Elephant)
  • Hearts in Washed in Honey, Moonlight and Spring Awakening
  • 3D Unicorns in Lost Cherry, Fairy Laundry, Unstoppables Freshness and Sparkling Blooms & Yellow Poppy
  • Bunny Butts in Sparkling Blooms & Yellow Poppy and Fairy Flutter
  • Sea Turtles in Clouds and Lemon Sherbet
  • Piggies in Fairy Flutter and Pink Peony & Wild Raspberry
  • Butterfly Skulls in Unstoppables Freshness and Marshmallow & Manuka Honey

And of course, I had to order some burner liners for my office burner. The dish is a lot shallower than my other burners, so not only does it mean I can burn more wax at once, it’s the easiest way to change and remove wax without fuss or mess!

Sarah also threw in a couple of freebies – a sample pot of Fairy Laundry and a mini pumpkin in Eucalyptus & Mint, which is the scent I’ve most recently been burning in the bedroom. I love the combination of freshness and menthol and I have to say it’s great for clearing those spring colds that appear to be doing the rounds again (although I do still have a vapour rub melt still lying around somewhere).

Wax melt sea turtles in a mandara pattern

I’m a sucker for a dupe, and you could almost have a tick box as you read through m haul above. Tom Ford, tick. Lush, tick. Fairy, tick. Lenor, tick. I’m not sure if I’ve missed any? But I did have to stock up on a couple of my favourites (which I bought in my last order too) – Washed in Honey (Lush’s “Honey, I washed the Kids” dupe), Spring Awakening and Unstoppables Freshness (both Lenor). At this time of year, I love anything fresh or floral – it’s just so spring-like, which is why those laundry scents are perfect! I’m obsessed with fabric conditioners.

The two scents I’m most excited to try are Fairy Flutter (similar to the Yankee candle “Angel’s Wings”) and Clouds (which I believe is an Ariana Grande fragrance). Which one should I try first?

The Little Aromas sale is still on, on selected products and if you really want to  grab a bargain, the remaining Halloween and Christmas 2022 stock is available for half price. Grab it while you can!

Love, Lucy xx

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