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Pink box, with Merry Christmas on the front
24 pots, 1oz in size, containing wax melts

After last year, I just had to snap up a Little Aromas Advent Calendar as soon as they went on sale, and this post wraps up my reviews on 2021 calendars. Sarah always puts so much thought into her limited edition/seasonal ranges, and of course, Christmas was no different. There were two options for Christmas: a 12-day calendar, and the full-size 24. While I wanted both, I went for the latter.

I can’t remember now what I paid for the Advent Calendar now, but I know it wasn’t expensive. It was a little different to last year’s option, in that all the melts were in a box, rather than separate boxes for each day. However, there were 24 pots again, in the 1oz size. These were a mixture of Christmassy/season scents, and just all-year-round ones – there were definitely some best-sellers thrown in, though.

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The packaging

As always, it was a thing of beauty. A gorgeous soft pink and silver box, with cricut-style design of ‘Merry Christmas’ and two leaping reindeer, along with the signature Little Aromas bow. Once you opened the lid, all of the pots were inside and clearly labelled – although they weren’t in order to add to that surprise element. The CLP labels and scents were stuck to the bottom of the box, so you could see the scents as soon as you removed the pots. I have to say the box looked great in our living room, matching the d├ęcor.

The scents

Like I mentioned, there were a mixture of scents, meaning it was not strictly limited to Christmas. The seasonal ones I kept in the box, ready to burn (then moving to my seasonal hamper for later in the year), and then any ‘standard’ or all-year-round ones, I put in the relevant room.

If you’ve read previous posts, then you’ll know I like certain scents in particular rooms, and with burners in the kitchen, the living room, our bedroom, and the office/spare room, it’s a regimented plan. Every time I receive a new order, I’ll see which baskets are lacking and refresh accordingly.

Anyway, the scents in the Little Aromas Advent Calendar were:

  1. Snow-kissed Lodge
  2. Lemon Sherbet
  3. Winter Pine
  4. Hot Cross Bun
  5. Candy Cane
  6. Fresh Baby
  7. Chocolate Bar
  8. Snowflake Cookie
  9. Velvet Plum & Golden Ember
  10. Classique
  11. Snow Fairy
  12. Floral Jam
  13. Rosey Wonderland
  14. Very Vanilla
  15. Not sure, as no label and haven’t figured it out yet (note to self, update)
  16. Cashmere Sweater
  17. Cashmere & Cocoa Butter
  18. Pomegranate Noir
  19. Christmas Cranberry
  20. Apple & Mango
  21. Spiced Cocoa & Candy Cane Cookies
  22. Rainforest Sugarcane
  23. Toasted Marshmallow
  24. Cinnamon & Orange

There were some different festive scents to last year, which I loved, and my favourites were Christmas Cranberry, Velvet Plum & Golden Ember, and Spiced Cocoa & Candy Cane Cookies. Of course, there were also some classics like Snow Fairy (Lush dupe), Cashmere Sweater, and Snow-kissed Lodge (both a hit last year!).

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It was also nice that a lot of my favourites were included in the box – floral scents such as Floral Jam and Rosey Wonderland, as well as the Jo Malone-inspired Pomegranate Noir. These are all melts that I’d usually have in our room, because they’re all just luxurious, while Apple & Mango became one of my favourites from 2021. It’s so summary and gives off all the J2O vibes.

The verdict

There was only one melt I didn't like this time (Chocolate Bar) and I particularly liked the mix of Christmas and non-festive scents, as it put less pressure on me to burn them all over Christmas.

As always, Sarah smashed it with packaging and while I have a few pots left (in my hamper, ready for November) and I got another stash for Christmas (from my mother-in-law), I couldn’t help but resist a sale order. There’s 50% off selected products until January 21st, so why not grab a New Year’s bargain! I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Love, Lucy xx

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